2015 Quintana Roo PR6 – First Look

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I don’t think I’ve ever reblogged anything but umm…yeah…THIS. Check out (and subscribe to) the AeroGeeks review of Quintana Roo’s new PR6. Sexy fast.

Originally posted on AeroGeeks:

Colin Chapman, who founded Lotus Cars, is famous for describing his philosophy for designing race cars thusly, “Simplify, then add lightness.” He gave us the Lotus Seven, arguably the most minimalist thing on four wheels, from both a design and maintenance perspective. And he also spawned an entire school of thought when it came to making things that are meant to go fast. With Quintana Roo’s new PR6, we’re starting to wonder if the engineers over there are devotees of Mr. Chapman’s ideology, because the PR6 seems very much like the Lotus Seven in superbike form.


The largest complaint about the current generation of high-end bikes is that—no matter which one you pick—cabling them is an absolute nightmare and fitting them can become an exercise in how many times one wants to do a complete rewire. That ends with the PR6. There’s nothing complicated about how it deals with cable…

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What’s the word…starts with an R…

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Redemption. That’s the word. And it’s a great descriptor for this past weekend’s race. After my abysmal performance in the draft legal challenge down in Clermont a couple weeks ago, I had some work to do at the Great Clermont this past Sunday. I’ll spare you the details of a race report of how I ate and slept (or lack there of), and just go with the highlights.


I’ve found a trick to swimming fast. I think. But I haven’t had enough time to really test it so I won’t share yet. I did come out of the water in under 20 Sunday though, which is a first and HUGE PR for an international distance event. Chip registered in at 19:42. Announcer said “Go”, and I just went. I ended up staying on the hip of another racer then entire time. Not on purpose, but he kept me from slacking off. blue70 helix wetsuit did me well, so kudos to them.


After a relatively quick T1, I headed off on Dixie, my Quintana Roo CD0.1 and Reynolds Strike wheels. Plus, thanks to gear guru RH, race tires and tubes. If you’ve never ridden or bought into tires playing a role, you’ve never ridden a good set. They came in handy since for the first time since Rev3 South Carolina I was forced to use my small chain ring. If you’ve never been to Clermont, it’s not the stereotypical flat Florida landscape. It’s not uncommon to break 40mph bombing down a hill. After 1:07 on the bike, from what the chip registered because my Garmin came out of the water filled with water…I set off on the run.


I’d stayed in 6th all day. The collegiate males were the first wave, and I stayed about 2 minutes behind the next racer (and fellow UNF team member Dustin Beller) since exiting the water. I pushed the run, ignoring everything but keeping my form smooth, and ended up finally getting passed at mile 5 by a kid who made me look like I was walking (he ran a 38, I a 41). The race clock finally came into view and read 2:10:something. I crossed the mat in 2:10:38, and honestly a little disappointed I didn’t break 2:10. But that’s still a 9minute PR for the distance, all of that coming from the run and swim. 7th collegiate, 4th collegiate in the FCTC, and 21st over all. And much thanks to my coach Tony Hammet at Peak Racing for getting me to that level this early in the year.


Back to training and the school grind stone (I miss spring break…), but 4 weeks from now the term will be over and I’ll be racing at West Point. I’m curious to see how much time I can shave off before then. And what my next PR will be.

That’s 0-2

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I’ve held off writing this for the last week because it’s taken me a while to figure out what happened. And I think a lot of it is simply swallowing that big ole slice of humility. I’m talking about last weekend’s ITU event, Clermont Challenge.
“I feel incredible.” “I’m so ready for this race.” “This is big…”
Those are the things I said and exactly how I felt going into race weekend. I could probably say I’ve never felt so mentally ready and excited for a race. That special kind of balance of anxiety and calm focus. That stayed through race morning…until I climbed out of the water.
If you’re not familiar with ITU rules, that’s ok. All you need to know is that it’s draft legal on the bike, and if you get lapped, you’re pulled from the course and the dreaded DNF shoes up on your race results. It’s the triathlon format used in the Olympics. That’s what’s happened both times I’ve started [not finished] these races.
There’s lots of excuses I could make, but they’re all just cop outs for the truth: I was flat out old fashioned out raced last Sunday. Coming into T1 and only seeing 4 bikes, including mine, mindset went from ‘win’ to ‘finish’ to ‘don’t get freakin pulled…again’. Coming in on the last leg of the 4th and final bike lap, I was given my red card and asked (forced) to hand over my timing chip. When I finally coasted into transition, all of that fire that had been ablaze moving to race day had been reduced to less than an ember. And the weirdest part? The only word I could come up with for my performance was copacetic. My swim was terribly slow, and I can’t explain that one, but it *felt* like a threshold effort. The bike, the 30 minutes I was on course, I stayed atleast 15% above threshold power, with my pulls being over 200% more than just a few times. And that’s why I’m ok with it now. My body did exactly what I asked of it, even beyond maybe. Just wasn’t up to snuff for the field that day.
Draft legal racing isn’t my strong suit. I’ve gone down enough times in a group that Sunday was the first time I’d been on my road bike since the crash that landed me in the ER for 2 days last July because I avoid group rides. There’s also a whole new set of rules and tactics in ITU racing. I’m ok with the day. With the lessons I learned. And I’m really excited to get back into my QR CD0.1 at the end of the month where I can just put my head down and pick off other racers and make them chase me. So until then, I keep in mind that there’s still plenty if work to be done and room to grow until September. Back to training now, because I can promise myself that those guys who raced and finished Sunday are still at it, and wether you’re putting in the work or not, your competition is.


It’s Pink for a Reason

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Some of you know, others don’t, but long story short is my grandmother starts chemo tomorrow, February 11th February 18th due to the crazy weather in Atlanta. We knew that was an option, but it was just last week we got the news that she’d definitely have to go through it. On top of running the Donna 5k event, same as the Donna half and full marathon, on the 22nd, I did this:



Which resulted in this:



My tattoo artist is out of town, so this was the next most blatant thing I could do. The thought process is that people notice, then they ask, and for every person that asks, I tell them about my grandmother, and then ask them to keep her in their thoughts. It may as well be free. So now you know, and now you can do just what I’d ask the strangers who comment on the pink hair. And if you don’t know her, here’s her Facebook page. She’d appreciate any and all posts of encouragement and such. Hell, I’d appreciate it. As much as a freakin trooper as she is, a little extra support is good for all of us. 

*DISCLAIMER*Yes…it is in fact already fading. I’m surprised it stuck at all honestly; anytime I’ve tried to do any kind of color or lack-of, it’s back to red within a week if I don’t redo it. So don’t freak out you-know-who*


Trust the Process

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It’s obvious we need to recover from stress in order to adapt. In this situation, I’m talking about training, but more specifically, the rest that comes from taking time/backing off at the end of a season. I’ve never taken a real ‘off-season’; I don’t sit still well. This past year I was forced to thanks to injury and illness + life. Starting now, there’s aspects of my three disciplines that aren’t as strong as they were. I’m talking to my cycling prowess here. After getting back into structured training for a few weeks, I took my cycling power test. Short version is I dropped a full 60watts from my previous FTP. But, what that is is normal, and proof that I gave the body the rest it obviously needed after an ugly and broken last 4 months. I don’t like that it’s lower, but I know it’s the truth, and I know that I trust my PEAK plan by my coach that I’ll be back to my 4.5 power:weight, and more likely, above that. Remember that it’s February. If your race schedule is like most of our’s, you shouldn’t be in peak form. I decided to write this as I just now accepted this fact. Or at least this part of it. So relax, stick to your plan, and trust the process.


The Rush is Here

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3 words: Rev3 Draft Legal

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 11.21.41 AM

Interested; right?! Here’s the full press release:


How’d I Lose a Month?

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It’s been over a month since I posted anything, which is not ok. I guess I took the holidays the way they’re meant to, and really unplugged from basically everything. Actually took an off-season, even though it was slightly forced thanks to illness (mono) and injury (chipped proximal medial R hallux). I spent a month out of Florida, and got ‘stranded’ by the polar vortex…But now I’m in my last real semester of my undergrad, and wanted to throw out a couple quick updates before I get back to typing up lab reports.


So numero uno: I’m officially back on the Rev3 Age Group Team, and love it. We have a lot of new faces this year who’ve already fit right in, so if you missed all the announcements, go check them out here. On that same note, Rev3 has lots of cool things in the works. Have you ever wanted to visit Mexico? Or you SO want’s to travel, and a race is just the thing to make you agree? Check this out!!


Numbre dos: I started officially coaching with my coach of almost 3 years and mentor, Tony Hammett, at Peak Racing Team. My page is linked there if you’re looking for coaching *cough*go*look*cough. This also includes coaching the UNF Triathlon Club through the term for our collegiate races.


Tres: Race schedule finalized. Very excited. VERY… 


Quatro: After the BA in psych is done, it’s grad school for physical therapy. There’s a lot more to that, but not much in stone yet so I’ll hold off to share. 

So I think that’s all. To make up for the quiet time, here’s a quick #ProTip: Mindfulness. Ever heard that you need to train and race inside yourself? Focus on each stride versus how many more miles you have to go? “Take out the trash” maybe? Check out the link and take it to heart. We all know this is a mental sport more than it’s not. Stay inside yourself.