Augusta 70.3 & Other Weekend Fun

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These last couple of weeks had plenty going on. Racing Augusta 70.3, sorta bad news from a doc, a flight up to ATL, VIP treatment at The Tabernacle, not being the one getting a tattoo at the studio (a first), and my grandmother’s birthday party. Lots. But that’s a long probably-boring post, so here’s the quick version:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.14.47 AM

Augusta was the focus of the last ~16 months due to the fractures I sustained last December, and the resulting rearranging of my race schedule. Went well, not as well as I wanted, but solid race and cut ~23 minutes off my time the last time I was there. Breakdown went: 0:23:54-2:28:32-1:36:30 for 40th OA male, and 6th AG. Full results here: Augusta results. On top of that, Peak Racing had a phenomenal day there too, and along with stellar performances, a lot of pictures were snapped too. Those are here: Peak Racing Team Augusta photos.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.17.16 AM

When I got home I met with my podiatrist to discuss what my MRI taken the week before showed. I knew I had bruised something at AG Nats, but oddly the ‘off’ feeling hadn’t gone away. “Developing stress fracture in the distal head of the 2nd & 3rd metatarsal head, and in the intermediate cuneiform”. Good news being that he didn’t want, nor feel the need, to limit me. Being cautious though, I haven’t run since Augusta. Instead, it’s been the elliptical…and a huge shot at my pride.


Then last weekend I flew up to Atlanta as a surprise for my grandmother’s birthday. I also spent Friday night blowing out my eardrums at The Tabernacle seeing Rise Against. A friend we went with got us VIP upgrades, and up top is a lot different from being down in the pit catching elbows to the ribs. Awesome show.


All3Sports let me test out a demo bike while I was in town, and I made sure I took advantage of the new/old terrain i.e. hills. n+1; right? Too bad I didn’t bring any cold gear being it was 40* in the mornings…that was not awesome. Aside from getting requited with the hills, I hung out at arguably the coolest tattoo studio I’ve ever been in. Odd part was, I’m not the one getting ink.


Then was my grandmother’s surprise party, and seeing family I hadn’t in 1, or 2, or even more years. And I suppose getting to see my brothers was kinda ok too. I am certainly not the biggest anymore, which means I just have to fight dirtier.

IMG_7382 IMG_7384 IMG_7383 IMG_7388 IMG_7385 IMG_7386 IMG_7387

With all of that, it’s time for Rev3 South Carolina this Sunday, the long course national championship, and another chance to race a 70.3 correctly. “But what about your foot?!” Doc said he wasn’t limiting me, and since I can walk barefoot now without ending the day sore, I have his blessing. Anyway…the plan is to not go out on the run at ‘that guy’s pace’, only to blow up 8.5 miles in this time. Long course really does require a whole new set of skills.


Challenge Family + Rev3 = Big News

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As I’m sure most have heard or read by now, Rev3 and Challenge Family have merged, and in doing so, created “a partnership that redefines long distance triathlon in North America.” The whole press release is HERE. The quick run down is that The name and logo changes, but the important things, the focus on the athlete and family experience, the core values that Rev3 became known for over other brands, remain. Challenge and Rev3’s partnership “is simply a natural fit”, and the companies “…share the same values and are working towards the same objectives with endless passion…” IN addition to that, while a different banner will be flown, the same faces you’ve come to recognize as the Rev3 staff will remain at the events next year. 2014 races will stay Rev3, and the Rev3Rush and adventure  events now and in the future will stay Rev3 brand events.


Here’s where you should get even more excited! The early bird pricing for the above three events, the first season of Challenge USA events, ends TOMORROW 9/18!!! You shouldn’t even be reading this sentence. Or this one. Go. Go now and sign up. The 2015 season is just around the corner.


Peak Racing Team’s Full Distance Training Camp 2014

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This past weekend we at Peak Racing Team put on our [what's becoming annual] full distance triathlon camp in beautiful Panama City Beach FL. Having athletes from multiple states, some as far away as the North East, we covered the course of a certain race that takes place in PCB November 1st this year that our campers are registered for. Some have done the race before, some have done other fulls, and others still are making this event their first 140.6 mile triathlon, and we we’re and are ecstatic to help them all prepare for the event. Over the 2.5 days of camp we had ocean swims, rode 160+ miles, and ran anywhere from 13-20+ miles. And like at all these camps, we see athletes come to our Thursday night welcome dinner apprehensive, and leave a whole new athlete with double the confidence. Also like our other camps, we couldn’t do it with out the camp sponsors, so from the whole Peak Racing staff, thank you to PowerBar, All3Sports (especially our camp mechanic Ian), SBR Inc, INFINIT, as well as out Peak sponsors. We’ll be back next year, and I know we’ll see some familiar faces and some new ones. Who wouldn’t come back to train along the Gulf and laugh during the rides at the clever play on words so many of the local shops have? ‘Es pretty good…’ 

Guess What I Did

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The last couple of weeks have been hella busy. And while I could certainly sit here while I wait for my flight home at 5pm/6pm EST (what was I thinking?!) and type up everything that’s happened, I think everyone would rather look at some pictures. You’ll only have to read the headers and captions!

I graduated; BA in Psychology, Minored in Literature

Dinner the night before with my grandfather

Dinner the night before with my grandfather

And grandmother. (Who is kicking cancer's ass BTW)

And grandmother. (Who is kicking cancer’s ass BTW)

The expression does in fact show exactly how I felt. "Are we done yet? Hey! You! Move forward; you're holding up the line and I'm hungry."

The expression does in fact show exactly how I felt. “Are we done yet? Hey! You! Move forward; you’re holding up the line and I’m hungry.”

"And no I walk out and get to take of my wizard robe..."

“And no I walk out and get to take of my wizard robe…”

"...but not before eleventybillion pictures!!"

“…but not before eleventybillion pictures!!”

Peak Racing Team Augusta Camp

Directly from the ceremony

So we started out Saturday morning with a quick swim down the river...

So we started out Saturday morning with a quick swim down the river…

Then after the swim we headed out to ride the 56miles of the course. We even got caught in a T-Storm. But we kept smiling as we finished the ride after it passed.

Then after the swim we headed out to ride the 56miles of the course. We even got caught in a T-Storm. But we kept smiling as we finished the ride after it passed.

Then I shared a nutrition lecture focusing on PowerBar's products. I know they were liked when our supply of the PB wafers were almost gone after just day 1.

Then I shared a nutrition lecture focusing on PowerBar’s products. I know they were liked when our supply of the PB wafers were almost gone after just day 1.

Then we had our long run Sunday morning!

Then we had our long run Sunday morning!

Here's all our happy 2-day campers after Sunday's long run. A successful camp all around

Here’s all our happy 2-day campers after Sunday’s long run. A successful camp all around!

Then I flew to Milwaukee for USAT Age Group Nationals

Day 1 was the Olympic distance race. 2:07:23 for 49/145 AG; 253/1718 Male; 257/3061 OA. Including my first sub-40 10k.

Day 1 was the Olympic distance race. 2:07:23 for 49/146 AG; 254/1722 Male; 258/3065 OA. Including my first sub-40 10k.

Best response to this pic yet: "You have musclely legs."

And the sprint distance in 1:04:19 for 15/77 AG; 76/1011 Male; 77/1734 OA. Best response to this pic yet: “You have musclely legs.”

The Rev3 AG team had quite a showing here at the races, either as racers or officials. Here's almost the whole crowd.

The Rev3 AG team had quite a showing here at the races, either as racers or officials. Here’s almost the whole crowd after the Olympic. Plus a few VIPs

And here's the group that raced the sprint. Me and Tim pulled a double. Pretty sure I wasn't the only one who woke upm Sunday morning for this race and groaned because of the day before.

And here’s the group that raced the sprint. Me and Tim pulled a double. Pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who woke up Sunday morning for this race and groaned because of the day before, even with my NT Boots. I’m pretty sure all three of us here qualified for Worlds in Chicago next year.

See? Busy. Now to find a pool before my flight…

It’s Almost Here

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“What’s almost here?”


Lots of things. In less than one week I’ll be [forced into] walking across a stage and handed a piece of paper and have this little tassel thing readjusted. Yep. Finally after having to basically start from scratch post-wreck and coma, I’m graduating with my BAS in Psychology with a Literature minor. At least I know about this one.


Directly after the ceremony I head up to Augusta to coach our Peak Racing Team Augusta camp. I LOVE CAMP!! And I can’t think of much better ways to celebrate graduation than being completely immersed in this sport with 20-some other triathletes for a couple days.

AGE Group2

And then…I head up to Milwaukee for the USATriathlon Age Group National Championship races, a big fast weekend with an olympic on Saturday and a sprint on Sunday. I’ve already started telling my legs to shut up. And I’ve got the shirt to prove it. Well, I will when it’s delivered anyway.

photo 2

This is pretty cool too. Above is a picture of the 25-29 podium from last weekend at the Jax Triathlon Series #2. Myself and the guy on the top spot went 7th and 6th overall respectively in the olympic distance. I found Jacksonville to have a very competitive triathlon field when I moved down a couple years ago. The proof is here, at a race that maxes out at 500 racers split between the sprint and olympic races, where my 2:04:08 was only good enough for a 7th place finish. Makes me pretty curious what I can grit my teeth to at #USATAGNC14 (official USAT Nats hashtag btw).

photo 1



Four Score and…No. Just 6 years ago…

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So I thought it was tomorrow, but I’ve been told that the anniversary, if you’d like to call it that, is today. Sometimes the brain, it like to jumble things up. Massive trauma and all that. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well six years ago today, I found myself with both feet inside Death’s door. Seven days later, I was pulled back from, and given a second chance. Every day since then has been a gift, and something I thank God for. Probably shouldn’t be here; He thought otherwise. The original post is below, copy-and-pasted. Obviously some updates, but most of those up on here already. They aren’t important. The message below is. Enjoy…


This is a quick kind of background on my life the past couple years, and what has happened is really the only reason I’m where I am now, doing what I do. I will tell you now that it may come across as “preachy”, but I promise that’s not what I mean by it; it just kinda happens because of the story and what happens in it… That being said; I’ll begin…

I’ve always been a 110%,full out, go big or not at all, kind of guy; this goes with sports, as well as everything else in life, and makes it almost impossible to balance life. In high school, I was the leader of my little clique, and no one, maybe my best friend at the time, could stop me from doing something or alter my decisions. We did what I wanted, and that happened it be partying most of the time. I’d do just about anything to get a buzz and then, to get wrecked, and I got pretty into drugs for a while. Alcohol was always a staple, which was probably amplified by strong alcoholism on my biological father’s family, and my great grandparents on my mom’s side. My first issue with alcohol came the first month of ninth grade, in public school(I had attended a private Christian school from k-8th; there were just as many problems there, just harder to get substances) when I literally chugged a 20oz bottle of McCormicks vodka. This was my first time drinking, so I didn’t know what I was doing, and it landed me in my bed with no recollection of what happened. Turns out I had passed out, my cousin called my mom looking for me because I wasn’t answering my phone, and mom found me not breathing and pale blue. She told me she simply said, “please God…”, and I rolled over, puked. After she and my stepdad cleaned me up, they put me in bed. You’d think that near death experience would get my attention, but I’m more than hard-headed, so I needed something else, something much much bigger, to catch my attention; that’s what I’m writing about in this next part…

First year out of high school, June 30th 2008, was normal Friday night. I was going to a party with my mind heavy and foggy because I didn’t want to go to school, and I didn’t know how to tell me parents I was going to join the Marines because I felt like I was out of options. My friends and I threw an open house at some kids house who’s parents were out of town. After winning who knows how many games of beer pong, with another beer in hand, and almost a weeks worth of oxi, I blacked out around 2am. Now I don’t remember anything after I blacked out, but friends tell me that all that liquid courage made me want to go home to talk to my parents about the Marines, and that no matter what they did, they couldn’t stop me from getting in my car and driving off.

Half way home, I wrecked. I was thrown out of the sunroof because I thought seatbelts were highly overrated, and I was 19 and invincible anyway. I landed on my head after being ejected, cracking my occipital bone, which happens to be the body’s hardest. My Ford Escape, ironic right, flipped 6 times, and stopped, no joke, 8 inches from my body. One more flip, and I would have been under it. Here’s where you have to start thinking SOMEONE was looking out for me for some reason bigger than me.

Where I wrecked was in front of the only place open, a gas station, on that street for 2-3 miles either way. An EMT who had just gotten off her shift, and was on her way home, saw my wreck from the opposite lane, and got out to take care of me while the gas station cashier called 911 and prayed until the ambulance arrived. I was responsive, sort of,  until I arrived at Kennestone Hospital, when I fell into a coma. They ran tests and told my parents that with the damage I had, including 3 times the cranial pressure I should have because of my brain bleeding, I’d be extremely lucky to make it through the night. However, they didn’t know if I would, and if I did make it through the night, I’d need months of rehab because of the parts of my brain that took the brunt of the damage. I may lose all inhibitions, motor skills, short term memory, and my sight… WAIT! It gets better, or worse depending on how you’re looking at it.

With every damn machine in the hospital hooked up to me, including 2 catheters(brain and the normal kind), I looked like my life was done; game over man. When I woke up for the first time, after 3 days in my coma, I had no vision. I still don’t remember this part, but I’m told I freaked out when I realized I couldn’t see, and I was put back into a coma. The next day was the same as the last three in the morning, but that evening I woke up, looked at my mom, and told her that she was wearing a blue shirt before passing back out. I could see.

The catheter in my head was removed, along with the neck brace, but I was still in bad shape. I tried to feed myself on day 5, my first very foggy memory after the wreck, but unless my mouth was on the side of my head, that idea was out. Yeah; say goodbye motor skills. Day 6 I regained my motor skills enough that I could shovel jello into my mouth, but that was about it, and the docs still didn’t think I’d regain everything.

Early morning day 7, around 4am, I woke up, looked at my mom who was asleep on the couch in my room, and told her I was hungry. I grabbed my hall tree of my IVs, tubes,  and catheter bag, and set off to the cafeteria like nothing had happened. I hadn’t been able to keep any food down the past 6 days, and I needed food right then.

I don’t think I need to say that my doctors and mom were in awe. I seemed like nothing had ever happened. After some final cleanup of the glass and asphalt in my back(there’s still some in there), I walked out ON MY OWN the afternoon of the seventh day. Even the doctors said it had to be a “God thing”. If you wanna call it a long chain of coincidences, go ahead, but that takes more faith than saying that I was being looked out for.

After all that, I walked out of the hospital with some scars, a new hole in my head, some ADD, and a new respect and belief that there is something bigger out there. I figure that’s a decent trade off, and a damn good lesson learned. The first words out of my mouth when in the passenger seat on my way home was, “I think I had alone time with God. I had to make a choice between myself, and believing and following Him.” Do I need to tell you what my decision was?

3 months after I being discharged, I ran my first 5k road race, took 3rd in my age group, (The picture is from my first 10k, a few months later; I don’t have a picture for the first race… look at how awful my form is.. :^/) and have been hooked ever since. That love, and healthy *cough* addiction, led to competing in triathlons. I’ve raced triathlons of every distance, numerous running events, and had podium finishes. Only 2 years from that first 5k , I competed in a full iron distance triathlon in North Carolina at Beach2Battleship.

I’ve used this new ability as a medium to share my story of His glory and power. I’ve learned a lot since then, but most importantly that God kept me here for something more than myself, I’m not invincible, that you have to be humble, and not many people get at lucky and blessed as I have been.


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I wanted to go ahead and get this update out there before the annual post that’s coming in a couple days. Lots have happened since the Rev3 Age Group Championship Race back in May. Well maybe not a lot, but a few things worth mentioning.



A couple races. The PaTRIot Triathlon down in Fort Pierce. Neat little race; needs some polishing. Cool town too. The fun thing about this, aside from the organization they donate to, is that the distance was .911-49.11-9.11. Obviously a play on 9-11, the whole reason event exists, but also a good take 2 on the Rev3 AG Champs race that I felt I didn’t do as well as I could have. You know, because I haven’t gotten over descending around blind corners at 40mph. There’s a certain number of crashes and times you get hit by a car while riding that screws forces a governor on your psyche. Anyway, I finished 4th in the very small field, but left happy with my effort. Then there’s the local race series an hour up the road near Amelia. Fun event, always a solid field. raced the sprint up there and came across the line 2nd, but finished 3rd because of the waves start. Those masters athletes man, they crank it out on the bike. Top 3 of us all finished with less than a minute between.

Probably the more important thing, probably, as the reason for the title, is that I’ve been ‘pre-approved’ to graduate with my BA in August. Taking my last class now (psychobiology), and then I’m [being forced] to walk. Not a big fan, and it’s ruining my streak of not walking, but…anyway. From there it’s 6months of hard work building my resumé to start in physical therapy school. Probably PTA, but there will be multiple applications. So in two years, I’ll be able to answer with certainty all these, “My arm hurts over here *points*” questions I keep being asked.


That’s all. For now. At least until the 1st. So until then… I’m going to work on my surfing. Which coincidentally, looks a lot like falling. But hey, you gotta start somewhere.