In General

Now that I’ve written, and I’m sure you’ve read my ‘bio’, I can start writing entries about, well… stuff. It really just depends on how I feel, and what I have going on as to what I’ll write, BUT, I will make you a promise that I will do my absolute best to write at least once a week, and that I will write the truth; no “I feel awesome and just set a PR in my race yesterday” when really it should read “pretty sure I tore every tendon and ligament in my foot, and received a DNF because I was too slow”. That’s a little much, and I will NOT get another DNF (Received on at PowerMan 2010, but that was extreme circumstances, and another story), so I’ll keep you all entertained, and you’ll keep my true. A lot of entries will be about training, racing, and products, but some may just be about life, school, and random vent-sessions; I’ll keep it PG13 though. OK; now that all these ‘basic’ posts are out of the way
(I’m a member of The Atlanta Triathlon Club; now we’re done), lets get to something more fun… What should my first real entry be?

Penny for your thoughts...

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