Wish I Was Training

So here’s the deal, and my thoughts about it; I RARELY get sick, and if I do it’s a migraine, or a stomach virus that’s gone in just a few hours… Not today.

Yesterday I woke up, and my stomach just didn’t feel right; I figured it was just from something I had eaten the night before that wasn’t siting right, so I trained anyway. I think that’s what put me in the hole I’m in now. I woke up this morning after 12noon, 6 hours after my normal wake up time so that I can train before I get along with my day, so I figured that I’d just pust back my errands a day and train… 3 hours later I was still curled into the fetal position because my stomach was, well, seems to actually be tied in knots. Here’s where I get upset…

You’ve probably heard or read stuff by now about ‘exercise addiction’, or ‘over-training’; well I’m in both of those categories, as hard as it is to really over-train, I’ve done it. 110% or nothing for me, and when I miss a workout, I make up for it. I don’t just skip them, so the fact that I’m not training today means that tomorrow, or at least as soon as I’m able, I have to do todays work, and that day’s work. Sitting still, and not breaking a sweat today is driving me beyond mad. I know I need to rest, and let my body flush out this ‘bug’, but I don’t know if I can.

What to do, what to do… Train late in the day if I can, inside so that I’m close to a bathroom at all times, or squish tomorrow’s training, today’s work, and a race I MUST place in so that I can take another step in the door of my potential sponsors that are on the fence right now since I’ve only been in endurance sports for less than 2 years. Do I chance over-use injuries, and just grit my teeth? I know I will, but maybe something will happen tonight that says, “Hey!!! Chill for today, and take a rest!!! You already logged two +/-6 hour brick sessions back to back this week; you’ll be fine taking a day off…” I doubt it, and I’m eyeing my TT, trainer, and Newtons drooling even as I write this. I do recover fast, and that’s been proven, so I don’t really have anything to worry about(knock on wood), but… Hell; I’m going to set up my trainer, and log at least 100 miles, then run long enough so I know my legs are under me(2-4 miles)… I’ll let you know how it goes

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