Wish I Was Training Pt.2

100miles on the trainer and a 2-4 mile run right… NO!! WRONG!! Here’s what really happened…

Bike on the trainer, laptop hooked up to the TV with seasonS queued up to play, treadmill on and ready, Newtons and socks set up to simulate T2… sprint to the bathroom… No ride or run

In lieu of a brick, I decided to do a moderate/hard  hot :90 yoga session; felt great until I got to the ab/core stuff. I guess the increase of blood flow to the muscles added blood to my GI tract, and that just caused issues. So, after I knew I could venture more than 10feet from the bathroom, I decided to run to the grocery store. I got my FRS powder(I’ll review that soon; AMAZING stuff), and some comfort food, came home, ate, and continued the pattern I’ve created since I’ve been sick. I finally decided to quit trying to eat, and tried to sleep.

I don’t sleep well, or often, since my wreck (read my first post) so I decided I’d get together the stuff for the 10k I was SUPPOSED to run this morning. I did, watched TV, finally dozed off 3hours before my alarm was to go off. My alarm went off, I got up, ate my breakfast, and within 10minutes was back in bed in the fetal position…with a fever of 98.3(my normal temp is around 97 +/- .1). I’m awake now, with an even higher temp, still WISHING I was training, but KNOWING I can’t… So I’ll be curled up in a ball the rest of the day, doing everything I can to get better, and we’ll see where I am tomorrow. At least with the fever I know something is going on, lets just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

Penny for your thoughts...

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