Pre-Augusta 70.3 Report

So half iron distance race number2 is this weekend, only 4 days from now, and I could not be more excited and anxious. This race is also going to be my first M-Dot event…That only adds to my antsy-ness(It’s a word, shut it). I won’t go into big details, until after the race, but here’s a quick over view of what I expect.

Damn close to 5hours. The Macon Coliseum Rock ‘N RollMan half was my first half iron distance race, which was back in June(I think). This race was a HUGE learning experience, as I signed up for it 6days before the event, with only spotty international distance training, and a case of strep that made me miss my early season ‘A’ race, and NO EXCUSES, but I’m going to tell you what happened. Strongest swim in my history (36minute-ish), ran out of calories at mile 40 of the bike leg and bonked, came into T2 half dead, 3gels without water, and then the 13.1 miles turned into a race from portapotty to portapotty. Not enjoyable, BUT; that race did teach me, and prepare me for this race. As training for my ‘A’ race, Beach2Battleship full iron in November, this half iron is really just a tune up race, but I’m still going to go 110%. I know my nutrition plan, I know my pacing, and I know what to expect.

I learned early on that there’s no point in taking part in an event at a distance and not competing if you’ve already completed that distance, so that in mind, I WILL kill this race, and I will go as close to 5hours, if not sub5, on Sunday.

Post race report Monday.

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