Rest… Needed, but Not Wanted

So I was out of commission for almost 3 days last week because I was sick, either with a fever, or because I couldn’t keep any food/liquid down. However, from being forced by my body to rest, and keep my distance from any training, I learned something VITALLY important… I need to rest.

I’m almost completely sure that I wasn’t really sick, but that my body knew “illness” was the only way I would stop, or at least back way off, from the disciplines of triathlon. It worked; the first day I didn’t feel like death incarnate, I logged 3:15 on the bike, with a short mile brick(I run 99% of the time off the bike, even if it’s only for 5 minutes; I swear by it). The day after, a whopping 7 hours at an average of 20.8mph, and a hard 25 minute at 6:48 pace; I still felt relatively fresh post session too, which I give a big chuck of credit to HammerNutrition and FRS (reviews coming soon), as well as the rest.  That’s a new record time and distance for training. I’ll admit now that it was all because I took (read “was forced to”) time off.

I know that rest is important, especially since I follow what I’ve labeled, “The LeMond Training Philosophy”, where I go out as hard as possible day after day until I just can’t anymore, but I still haven’t really embraced rest like I should. The fact that I don’t sleep, (thank you wreck, and I’m working on getting an Rx to remedy this issue), only means that I need to take time off, or in my case since I couldn’t do that, take stock in my easy days to make up for the lack of sleep. I’m really going to try to embrace the rest and sleep, but I know it’ll take me time, and self control, so for now, let’s just call it a work in progress.

Penny for your thoughts...

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