Post Augusta 70.3 Report

Some people write these reports starting from when they got into town, and include every little thing that they did… I’m not doing that; no filler here. Here’s my ESi Ironman 70.3 Augusta race report from wake up, to leaving the venue for some much deserved food.

4:24 wake up (no; there’s no irony of that being my race time, so keep reading), 3 cups of coffee, 2 cups vanilla Silk soy milk, 2 bananas, loo, and sitting in the shower for 30minutes to start my focus (I have my pre-race devices I swear by). Morning crossword, with music to further my focus, and then off to park and ride the shuttle to transition… It’s raining BTW 😡

Bike check in was the day before, so setting up transition with my hood pulled over my head, and Eminem’s ‘Till I Collapse pounding in my ears, I set up the rest of my gear, then headed to the portalet to apply BodyGlide, and use the facilities. After waiting in line for 25minutes, I finally run out of transition as they’re closing it, and board the shuttle to swim start (point to point swim). Wetsuit legal, but only by .5 degrees, so I didn’t bring mine… MISTAKE

Ran around at the swim start to get my ChampionChip, and find a water to take my pre-train/race supps, then stood in line, being one of maybe 3 people in the whole 3200+ participants with out a wetsuit; luckily I made a friend with a kid named Jonathan as we whined about not bringing out suits, and waited for out wave to start. Onto the pontoon, and into the water (75degrees in water is cold; DAMN cold). Swam, with no intention of really pushing it, and actually swam somewhat straight, which is a total first for open water, then climbed out and up the transition ramp after 32:39. T1 took 4:21 (transition was huge and not carpeted, and putting socks on wet feet is near impossible… yes I have to wear them; I run in Newton’s), and then came the fun of biking 56miles in the rain.

Decent bike, still seems that the faster I can run, the slower my bike gets, but  it may just be that running is now my favorite discipline; 50% of triathletes/cyclists in these races don’t understand the rules of the road though. That fact really irritated me as I had to pass in the other lane because they rode in the middle of the damn road, and the fact that I seem to be the only one who actually drops back before I pass anyone who passes me like the rules say… I don’t like being the inly one following the rules on the bike; makes my leg harder than the others who draft off others to pass. Enough ranting; 2:37:05 bike, decent in rain, and losing time from getting passed by ‘trains’ of cyclists, and then having to make it up. T2 was only 1:38, and I had just finished all my calories on the bike, so it was good I was done. Run time.

Newton Distancias on (LOVE) and out to the 2lap run with no BodyGlide between my arms and my Team_FCA_Endurance tritop (lead to GIANT, near bleeding, raw skin from the rubbing…AGAIN. I need a ‘Put BodyGlide Here’ list apparently), and one ‘fuelbelt’ bottle of FRS, and HammerNutrition’s Enduralytes, and anti-fatigue caps mixed in; not yummy, but it works. Finally got my legs under my between mile 3&4, and that’s just how it is, even if it’s not a brick run, and kept the cadence around 93the whole run. Ran out of my ‘magic-juice’ at mile 7, and I’m sure that’s why I only ran a 1:39:39 13.1. I felt the heaviness, and the lactic acid build to a max by mile 9, and I decided to really push it at mile8, which was a mistake because I knew I didn’t have enough “magic-juice’ for the other 5miles. Pace got to 6:37-ish for about a 1.5, then dropped back to 7:38 until the final sprint through the finishing chute. 4:55:30; more than 90minutes faster than my last(and first) 70.3 in June. I was happy with it, 18/72AG, and 356/3200+OA. With a smile, and a very hungry tummy, my mother and I (huge props to her for the support, and going with me. Also to FCA, ATC, HammerNutrition (hurray for sponsors!!) and the Big Guy upstairs for my ability to be at this level after my wreck) collected my gear, and headed to Macaroni Grille to eat, and refill my glycogen stores.

In closing; great race, nothing like racing a race that size, and my first M-Dot event. Damn fun, good venue, and only 2:30 from home; if you haven’t raced a big race, you NEED to, and I promise you’ll make it you favorite event. Now if only I could sleep, not that I thought I actually would, and back to training MAYBE tomorrow, but definitely Tuesday to prepare for my first full iron distance event, Beach2Battleship, in November. Glad I recover fast…

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