Overdue->MMM, Bed-Ridden, The Stick, Girls, School, Contests, and Shoots

Yes; this will be a long post… I’ll break it up though, and some of the above listed things don’t have a lot to be written about, so just read it. There’s going to be some thing you laugh at, and relate to, and maybe, just maybe, somethings that you can help me out with. I’ll write in the order listed, but those aren’t the order things happened, but it goes well that way. So sit, read, and enjoy this long overdue post.

MMM, or Mystery Mountain Marathon, or HELL as I’ve named it, was this past weekend. Let me start by saying I AM NOT A TRAIL RUNNER!!! I LOVE my nice paved surfaces,(treadmills are in that cat.), no matter how uneven or how much I have to run up or down hill; I like having something solid under my soles. Now I’ll go run down on the trails at Columns Drive to Sope Creek and back(ATL people know what I’m talking about), but those are really well packed dirt, so really its just climbing hills and dodging roots; I don’t mind that at all, and I like the hills because of how good they are for fitness and run strength(close to equivalent to intervals). If my rather weak description of those trails painted a picture for you, then let me say that MMM’s course was the POLAR OPPOSITE… but in my usual fashion, I didn’t scope out the venue. I thought it would be more-or-less like Columns, so I was looking at adding maybe :45minutes to my marathon time, and finishing in 4hours… N-O F-ing WAY. I started out at the back of the pack this being my first trail run, and my attire and shoe choice showed that; I looked completely out of place in contrast to the other trail-runners there in almost every conceivable way. Well that way dumb, because the paths are rarely wide enough to pass on, and i got stuck “running”(use the term VERY loosely) a 14+ min/mile pace for the first 3miles. Then again in certain places up to about mile 6; but don’t worry, I dropped my pace even lower later on. :^/ Mile 9(ish? idk) the 12mile racers split from us “Real-Men”(MMM organizer’s words, not mine.. I may secretly agree though), and Georgia’s biggest hill was the path I went. Wasn’t that bad when I first saw it, but I only saw where it leveled off for maybe 20meters half way up; I saw the rest at that point and said some things I’m not proud of. At the top, I enjoyed the course, just packed-ish dirt and roots with the occasional root mixed into the climbs and descents. Not long after, for the vast majority of the race, the paths became too steep to run, and nothing but golf-ball sized ricks and ACORNS(?! I blame gamma rays), so my Newtons that I love so, and are a big part of my normal 3:17-ish marathon, became the adverse model of the shoe I needed out in the deep woods(Remember when I said I stuck out in the crowd?). With my iPod, and finding the angriest and loudest songs, I worked through the pain, and decided to check my watch around 4:30 into the race, assuming I was getting close. I don’t have a GPS watch, so I use a footpod that’s usually close to the right distance on the roads, but it said 17.8 when I checked it, so I figured it was completely off(no mile marking on there trail things)… 0.16 miles later I got to an aid station, with a “17.88 miles” sign. I honestly wanted to cry. Refilled my empty fuelbelt bottles with H2O and Gatorade, took 2 cups of Coke, and went on, only to be met by a very protective and territorial full grown boxer. I’m good with animals, and usually meet their eyes and growl and so on to show dominance… no go Sunday. I was tired, and angry, so instead I walked slowly with a stick, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have done anything with it since I was close to empty. More golf ball acorns and rock trails, and WAY too many down hills(quads and IT band still not back to 100%), and climbing the whole mountain another 3 times, I’m at mile 25. GUESS WHAT?!?!?! It’s down that crazy hill where the split was; BOOOOOO! I ran as hard as I could that last mile after I got down that hill, maybe 7:45 pace, MAYBE, and finished; 6:49 total time. I sat in the icy mountain water fed lake for a good 20 minutes, then changed clothes, and walked to my truck with my MMM beer glass(I don’t drink…). Two hours later I was home, and walking down those stairs to my room told me that competing after 3days of being bed-ridden(subject #2) from flu-like symptoms and a fever, due to pushing myself everyday and lack of rest, and staying off my feet due to major calf pain due to the Atlanta 13.1(seriously couldn’t walk for 2 days, AT ALL), just 2 days before MMM told me that getting out of bed the next morning would be interesting. It was; hurray for my desk so I had something to grab when I stepped out that next morning.

So brings us subject 3#, THE STICK!! Scheduled a a massage appointment with Jennifer Vogel(if you live in the ATL area, and need a sports masseuse, GO SEE JV. She’s amazing, and she’s a very accomplished ultra-runner. She’s also the person who I have to prove I can run AT LEAST 100miles at the PeanutIsland 24 hour race at the end of the year, or I’ll be eating my words, and I’ve already given her permission to point, laugh, and say “I told you so”.. She also turned me on to the Iron Horse 100miler in February, but more on those races later) who laughed at my MMM exploits, and who spent the better part of an hour on my angry calfs and quads, but she also gave me the ability to walk down stairs without looking like I was dying and white-knuckling the banister. I bought The Stick at 1st Choice Healthcare(home massage thing. google it), and it has made a huge difference. Sadly for JV though, it may make me need to see her less; I ran 12miles at a faster pace than pre-MMM(Hills are good I say!!), and did a double spin with ATC and Rivi(Ex-military and satan-incarnate as a spin instructor; just as anyone who’s been to his class), and I think a lot of why, besides sleep(it’s getting better) and good nutrition, is using this new devise 2-3 times a day on my sore spots(IT and quads).

Girls next(some of them may read this, and IDK how that’ll go, but I need to write about it). Not really a big part of this post, or my life recently(it’s complicated; serious relationships since freshman year on HS, and I’m kinda just tired, but that’s even more complicated… I’ll get to it), but it seems to be growing. First off, I’m back in school(#4 and #5 are kinda intertwined), and this being the normal school year(I go during the summer too; have to transfer ASAP), the normal amount of girls are back. Enter Kylie(pretty sure that’s not how she spells it, but hopefully she won’t see this), She’s in both my classes, and I’m pretty shallow, so let’s just leave it at she meets my standards and then some. I was sick the first week and a half, that whole flu thing, so I looked like hell(and was told by a handful of people after they asked if I was sick…>:^() so I didn’t talk to her, though I did position myself next to her, or a seat away. So, the “plan” was to say hi after I recovered, and to keep us both entertained during econ(with a foreign teacher who no one understands of course), and music appreciation  (with a teacher who’s way too smart for his own good, and talks to us like we know what he’s talking about. Music App should be a cushy class right?!), should make for an interesting quarter; BUT, my ex and I have started talking again, and hanging out(but I’m REEEEEAAAALY far in the dog house from before; I deserve it… I guess), and then, THEN, Kylie comes and starts talking to me… jhgsdkchg?!?! So my ex(Emma) and I have already talked about how were not jumping into anything(she says she wouldn’t let me, but idk. I seem to cloud peoples judgement, and a wink and a smile has gotten some stuff like free candy at the movies before, but I agree it’s a bad idea right now), but how that’s pretty much where it’ll end up eventually(I have issues with that; guys-you know what I’m talking about when it’s a serious relationship, like really serious, and I’m not talking about cheating; all that other stuff that scares us). It’s not that I don’t want it, but I don’t want it now, but idk when, and I kinda want it now, but… see the issue? And then, granted it could be totally innocent with nothing coming from it or in her mind, there’s Kylie. If something happens there, does Em disappear even though we’re not anything(I don’t think?) right now but strictly friends? help me….: ‘^(

SHOOTS!!(#6) A fellow ATC-er, and photographer, watched the LAVA magazine video of Carfrae about her training and daily life, and wanted to do the same with a local athlete. I COULDN’T HAVE ANSWERED THAT POST ANY FASTER!!! So tomorrow, We’re doing some of that tomorrow; building a portfolio for him, getting my story (Quick History post) out there, and I’m pretty sure that my story, and the video/photos(I’ll post photos and video as soon as I have them) are good for potential sponsorships, and Lord knows that I’m working my @_s off trying for those. And so comes the last subjest, #7; CONTESTS!!!

I’ll assume you assume I won; I did. All3Sports contest to name Kona winners, podium finishers, splits, and final times. Landed me a 250$ All3 gift certificate; but i can’t decide what to buy… we triathletes need(want) so much! Also, won the FRS contest about how FRS lets you LIVESTRONG(LIVESTRONG and FRS are partners; hurray for The Boss!) which landed me FRS products and gear. I also sent them a message asking to rep the product. Not really a sponsorship, but a way to be one of their athletes, and get mine and their name out there. REALLY crossing my fingers on that one.

And so ends, probably, the lost post I’ll write. I know there’s a lot, and I hit a lot of subjects, but I’ve been busy, and haven’t had time to touch on these subjects as they happened, so you get this big bundle of stuff. PLEASE, PLEASE subscribe(or check back often), and comment, and tell me what you want me to write about:race/product reviews? how I’m vegan and a long course triathlete? Balancing life, socials, training, and school? Just let me know.

-You can have the goal to just finish the first time you move to a longer event, but after that, you have to make yourself compete. What’s the point in all this pain and suffering we put ourselves through if it’s not to push ourselves to be better, and break our own limits… You’ve already done this once; shouldn’t you be better than your ghost?

One thought on “Overdue->MMM, Bed-Ridden, The Stick, Girls, School, Contests, and Shoots

  1. Glad to see SOMETHING kicks your butt. That marathon sounds wicked. 7 hours of pure hell.

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