MOJO Band & Broken Crank Arms

I guess you could call me somewhat of a skeptic. Before I’ll try a new product, be it a supplement, gear, or something weird(like today’s product), I do plenty of research. No matter how much research you do, you’ll a;ways come across the people who say, “this isn’t true; stop buying into the corporate blah blah blah…snore….” and then there’s the people who rave about it. It’s the later that bother me, because the thought that the person who wrote the review works for the company, or IS the company, and they’re just trying to make a dollar. I’m a huge fan of trying something out for myself, and coming to my own realization on how good/bad a product is. This review is on the MOJO Performance Band, a product, or idea, that caught my interest about a year ago, but I never really looked into it. I have one of those bands now, and I’m elated to write this review on it.

The MOJO Band is a silicone bracelet, it also comes as just a disc, that uses holographic discs to achieve proper energy, balance, and overall body harmony. I remember when magnetic bracelets came out, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who pushed them away as a fad; I did the same with these hologram bracelets. As I looked at them earlier this year after walking past the expo booth at the ING Atlanta Marathon, I couldn’t really come to terms with the idea that a hologram could do anything. I watched the videos of people testing them, and again, I thought that it was staged. Well, I received one of these bands last week, and I put it through my own tests, as well as keeping track of how I felt, and how I performed.

The main test you see with these is how much they improve balance. How this is shown, is you stand on one leg, with your arms out to your sides, and someone pushes either arm down, causing you to fall over. Then you repeat the test, but holding the MOJO Band, and you DO NOT fall over… Now let me say something before those other skeptics out there dismiss this as something that happens because your body is expecting it. First I did it to my mom; she didn’t fall over holding the band after the initial test. Then I did it to my 7year old brother, (who by definition of being 7, can’t focus on what happened 10 seconds ago), but in reverse order but holding the band first then without. I pushed his arm down just as hard as with my mother, and he didn’t fall. Even more proof is when I did it to my girlfriend, (yeah; if you read my post a few weeks ago I mentioned my girl issues. Well me and Em are more or less back together; it’s complicated, but that’s ok.), who used to be a national level gymnast, and is still competitive, so she already has solid balance. As I said, reverse order for the test, first with then without the band, and she didn’t fall with the band. She was dumbfounded, and we tried every possible way ie. stand on left foot, push left arm with band; or left leg push left arm with band in right hand, ect ect; you get the point. If that improvement in balance isn’t enough, then you’ll like this next test and proof.

If you know me at all, you know that rest is a four letter word to me, (yeah; I know it really is four letters, but you know damn well that’s not what I meant), even with my 25-30 hours of Iron distance training each week, I don’t really rest, or sleep, so after 3-4 weeks of training I crash for like 2 days to catch up on all my “missed” rest. Well this past week, 18hours of my week’s training was between Wednesday and Saturday, and I’m in the last period of my training before my race, so everything is high intensity. So Wednesday was a 17 mile run, then a hard 1hour spin, :20minute run, 1hour run session. Thursday was mile repeats, and that was supposed to be all, but with me not resting, it of course wasn’t. So after those repeats,(which I really enjoyed in case you were curious), I met with a mom of one of my little brothers friends about helping her with her new store, (go check it out; she has more than a couple products I swear by that have become must haves.) Deb gave me a MOJO Band and SPEED GEL to review(SPEED GEL coming soon), and after I left, I had a hard :90 minute spin. Now I was somewhat sore from the day before and the mile repeats, but I was going to grind through the spin anyway. I used a Spinervals DVD, rated 9.6 for difficulty, and with my MOJO Band on, I honestly thought I was going to snap my crank arms off. NEVER have a been able to spin that hard for that long after previous hard training sessions, and I give complete credit to the MOJO. I also ran my 23.5 mile run Saturday at a constant 7:28/mile pace, AND took 4th OA(the results say 5th OA, but no one, including me who was less than a minute behind the 3rd place finisher and never lost sight of him, knows who, or where, that supposed 4th place finisher was), and 1st AG the next day in my 4-16-2 distance duathlon (report coming up in the next few days). The MOJO Band has some MOJO in it.

The band is said to help balance(proven), power(proven), and energy(proven), as well as things like endurance, recovery, flexibility…there’s a lot of benefits. MOJO and it’s holograms work, just ask me when you see me and I’ll do the balance test to you. There are also other disks that can be used for various other ailments such as weightloss and sleep, which I highly believe to work because of how well the MOJO Band works; I’m sure it translates to the other products too. Also, If you’d like a MOJO Band, tell me (email, comment, text, whatever), or check out , and I’ll get you one. Happy Training

2 thoughts on “MOJO Band & Broken Crank Arms

  1. That’s quite a review! I use a Mojo myself so don’t anyone try pushing me over

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