SPEED GEL-Bye Bye Advil

Here’s another product review for something new that I’ve started using. Sadly, I’ve only had a couple weeks to use it, because it would have come in pretty handy all season. So here’s my take on SPEED GEL, and why I don’t use any kind of over the counter (OTC) pain reliever anymore.

We all have aches and pains; those of us who are training for endurance events probably have more than the weekend exerciser, and because of that, we tend to pop a few OTC pain relievers every now and then after long sessions. Now, there’s not a lot of damage these OTCs can do when taken sparingly, and not over a long period of time, but when taken for so long once, twice, three times a day for whatever pain you have, they can really cause some issues to your body. The big one if they can cause stomach ulcers. No; taking and OTC pain medication once a week or less won’t burn a hole in your stomach, but those out there who are sore or in pain everyday who pretty much take these from a PEZ dispenser all day every day are at risk. There are safer ways, and those pills don’t really treat a problem; it’s a little like putting a band-aid over a gash that blatantly needs stitches. Sure it’ll help, but it won’t fix the problem, and every time you have to change that bandage, you open the gash back up to germs and infections. Wouldn’t you like something that helps without the side effects? Wouldn’t you like to get better pain relief, and localize it to just the problem area? Are you thinking that you could just use ICY/HOT or other products if you wanted that? Well you’d be wrong, because those really don’t treat the problem; they just make it tingle by sitting on top of your skin, and make you smell like an old folks home. Speed gel is transdermal (goes into your skin) and actually treats the problem. Sound good? Then welcome SPEED GEL to your medicine cabinet. 

This won’t be a long post, because this product doesn’t need a ton of explanation. SPEED GEL is a gel(obviously) that comes in a 50ml tube/dispenser. Pop the top, and push down the plunger-ish device, and out comes this translucent amber colored gel. Simply rub the gel onto the area that is giving you a hard time. Maybe a knee or foot ater a long run, or even your back after sitting in your office all day; this stuff will do the trick and relieve the soreness that you have. If you’re looking for a long list of science and ingredients and research behind this product, go to SportsRehabShop.com and you can read all about it. I’ll tell you here that the product works, and that it’s a relatively simple product, which doesn’t scare me away by making me wonder what exactly I’m putting on me. It’s homeopathic, meaning that it doesn’t have a bunch of stuff that’s cooked up in a lab, so it’s safer for your body because it’s “natural”(the ingredients are, and I suppose you could cross pollenate a bunch of plants and then grind down….. The point is all the stuff is natural). The directions also say to use four times a day; I’ve never used it more than twice a day and have seen the results.

If less inflammation and reduced swelling coming from something that’s natural and easily used, and the only side effect is that it’s a little sticky when you apply it, then I urge you to throw out that bottle of Advil and ICY/HOT, or at least but SPEED GEL in front of them, and start using it instead. You don’t have to explain why you smell funny from the other ointments, or worry that the OTCs are causing issues your insides as well as if they’re working on the area that needs it, with this product. Localized treatment, natural, no scary side effects; sounds like a pretty good trade to me.

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