Fall Chill Duathlon Report

This post is a little behind, the race was a couple weeks ago, but thing’s have been busy. I’ll tell you now that this race was quite a day for myself, FCAendurance, and ATC. This was also my last multisport event before my full iron at Beach2Battleship in 11days(I’m so anxious). So here’s a quick recap, and a solid way to end my last non-A race.

The Great Smokey Mountains Triathlon Club is a small-er club in…well the Smokey Mountains. They put on an event that’s really the last multisport event in the South East for a lot of people; The Fall Chill Duathlon. Even though this event is in no way high-tech(no timing chips, just a clock with some volunteers making notes), it is extremely well put together. They jokingly say the event is in Georgia, even though it’s entirely in North Carolina…by all of 3miles…because almost all of the participants are from Georgia. Even with this race being small, there was a wide range of racers and abilities. The OA winner finished the 4-16-2 run-bike-run in 1:11, which is crazy fast, and then there were people who used this as a first time event. Lots of fun for all kinds. Enough about the race organization and venue though; let’s get into the fun stuff.

I’ve finally learned that if I’m going to really compete in a race, I have to line up in the front at the start, or get stuck behind the mob of slow people who think they should be in the front for whatever reason; you know who you are(no disrespect; I’m giddy you’re out there racing and training and just not sitting around, but for the respect of those of us who do this as a lifestyle and really do run faster than the fastest pace group, please stay to the side or back with your pace. Keep racing and you can be up with us the next year). So I toed the line with a handful of other racers, and we set off on the first 4miles. I was one of five on that starting line donning an FCA-E jersey; that was pretty cool. Flat course, the last half mile of mile 2 and the first half of 3 on a dam, and that gave us an awesome view. I may have gotten distracted though, because it really was cool being able to see over the lake in the early morning calm. :23-ish minutes after the start, I’m in transition behind five people, and off on the bike leg I go. Biking is usually my strength, but after the week before this race, including a 17(Wednesday) and 24(Saturday) mile run, my legs took a few miles to start responding. Fun bike course though, through the winding mountain roads; down hill for a mile at one part…”I wanna go fast!!” Going back into transition for the final 2mile run, I knew it would be a race for 3rd OA. I saw the OA winner already running when I was tuning back into transition, but I could see the 2nd and 3rd guy; there was a 4th too, but I could tell he was completely on empty. I kept it about :20seconds behind the 3rd guy, until we hit the turn around… Jets; I turned around and that 3rd place guy was already a good :45seconds in front, and still gaining more cushion. I pushed, pushed hard, but I couldn’t catch him.

I came in 4thOA, and 1stAG, which is my first multisport 1stAG finish. It gets better though. FCA-E had four of the top six finishers, the 3rdOA guy I was chasing being one of them, and ATC went three-for-three for podiums(me-1stAG, Patti-3rdOA Female, Cheryl-3rdAG). It was quite a day for both my teams, and myself. It did leave me with one question though… If I didn’t log over 30miles within four days of the race, could I have won OA, or at least made it a sprint finish for 1st place? I’m pretty sure I’ll me back next year, and we can answer that question…while I’m enjoying the 1st place 😉

One thought on “Fall Chill Duathlon Report

  1. You definitely would have made overall placement if you hadn’t run all those miles in the week prior. But your training for your IM distance is more important. I agree that was an incredible event…duathlons take the stress of of multi-sport. 🙂

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