Another Year, but a Big One

It’s funny how when we’re little we count down the days until the holidays and possibly even the hours until our next birthday. Most people still do this until they reach 21; I did anyway. These days are always special days, and we wake up like we’re 5years old on Christmas morning, but that changes at some point, and other days we wake up feeling that way(like race day for me ;D ). That happened to me this year, and although I didn’t wake up giddy with excitement, nor did I even realize it was my birthday today until mid last week, I have looked back today at the past year, and all that has happened. There’s a lot, good and bad, and more growth than I could have ever foreseen.

I’ll start by saying I’ve been racing, or training hard so I can really compete, for 11months. It’s not 12 because…well… lets just say that I took to the things you’re allowed to do at 21 with the same 110% vigor as I do in training, but without any of the responsibility that comes with that new activity. So after a couple weeks I got myself pretty much together. School, working(don’t be a lifeguard…just trust me), girlfriend(until I screwed that up…but it’s almost back to perfect now, so I’m all smiles. I’m pretty sure she is too), training, and a new club of friends. That’s really when things got serious.

I joined ATC, and immediately clicked with quite a few people; they know who they are. Not only did I gain some friends with the same crazy interests as me, but I had people pushing me to be better. One of them even compared me to Prefontain(!!!), and as much as I think that’s a taboo in the running world it was a kick in the ass that I had somewhat of a reputation to uphold. Others were more blunt and simply said, “I expect you to win”, and so then, not only am I racing against the other competitors, but I’m also making sure that I keep myself on the “pedestal” that I somehow got up on. HUGE motivation to burn a path behind me, and that’s kinda what I did. I have 4AG podium finishes just this season, 3 of which are in multisport events. The biggest one is the POTENTIAL one I can earn in just 4days at my first full iron triathlon at Beach2Battleship(AG is definitely  a possibility; and DAMN do I want it!!). I’m also in the running for a couple sponsonships(be excited; I’ll let you know in a couple weeks) It seems I’ve motivated a few along the way too.

I got my mother into half mari’s, and that feels awesome. I also have talked to numerous people, about racing and training, who need a push, or a new support system, to toe that start line. Not only am I improving(I give much credit to God and the divine intervention of my wreck), but I’m also showing people where they can go with the right beliefs, focus, and resolve. I’ve even gotten asked for tips on training and such, which is AWESOME since that’s what I’m going to school for anyway. Everything seems to have found it’s place, and I’ve finally found balance.

I can’t thank everyone for this season yet, since I still have B2B, Pine Mountain 40 miler, and a 100miler(I think), to go, but I can say that you to all for your support, pushes, and belief. I wouldn’t be here if God hadn’t dropped me on Death’s doorstep in 2008, and shown me what I needed to be doing, and then guided me even when I REALLY tried to stay, and not without all the support from family and friends even when I was being…You can use whatever negative term you want; it’ll fit. So thank you; for making 21-22 a huge growth, in me in all areas. I’ll keep everyone posted on my races, new adventures, and where I’m headed in this next year, and I only hope it’s filled with as many memories I’ve gained from everyone and everything as this one.

Penny for your thoughts...

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