Silver Comet Half-Mari; My Last “Long” Run

The Silver Comet Trail has become my go-to training venue for my long runs and rides this season. The trail is really more of a road, since it’s all paved, and it’s almost completely flat, especially on my side of town, until Rockmart. Beach2Battleship is now just four days away(and I can’t even describe the gambit of emotions going on inside), and it’s flat course makes the SCT the perfect training spot to simulate the B2B course. It’s elevation also makes it an ideal course to set a PR on; but that wasn’t the case for me, or my mother, during the 10th Annual Silver Comet Half Marathon. Let’s go back to the nights prior to the race.

There was some little stomach virus going around in the days before the event, and having three little brothers in school, it was inevitable that it made it’s way to our place; it wasn’t the only reason for a very uncomfortable race though. The “pre-race nerves” of B2B had already made themselves at home, even with the race two weeks out. I knew I was ready, and I didn’t want to taper, and REALLY didn’t want to give up coffee, but I knew I’d deal. Those variables, along with babysitting my brothers, who FORCED me to eat lots of bad food like cupcakes, the night before, didn’t add up to having a good race. I woke up twice during the night because of my stomach doing multiple tucks and cartwheels, and I immediately knew that the morning’s race would be interesting. Turns out that the virus was the culprit for my mom, and she knew her day wouldn’t be much better either.

Fast forward to us both eagerly shifting from leg to leg waiting for the bathroom at the Racetrack gas station across from the start line, along with at least 20 other people, and the only thing going through our minds is, “I wonder how many bathrooms are on the course, and how far away are they?” Looked like no fun would be had on the SCT that day.

The race starts, I’m in the front running around 6:10/mile for the first couple miles until we get on the trail. In those 2miles, I confirm my other fear that my Newtons are past their milage, making each stride a little uncomfortable; you wouldn’t want to give up the shoes that fixed your form making sub 7minute/miles over 13miles, AND cost close to 200$ either. I settled into a 6:45/mile pace after mile 2, and just kept my “pacer-booty” within a short sprint. All was well until about mile 7, when the pace dropped to over 7:00/mile, and my stomach decided to revolt by doing its own jumping jacks. The pace continued dropping along the remaining miles of the race, eventually getting to plus 9:00/mile, and even making me stop and walk IN THE LAST HALF MILE!!! Even in the pictures you can see that I look pregnant, and I’m crazy unfomfortable(those pictures will NOT be posted; you can find them yourself if you feel the need >:P ). 1:33:45 was my final time; not terrible, but not the +/-85minutes I wanted, and could have easily done had my pace stayed where it was before the GI gymnastics.

My mom’s race didn’t go much better; she was in the same kind of pain I was, and finished 10minutes slower in the FLAT course than she did on her first 13.1, which was hilly by anyones standards. GI ISSUES ARE NOT FUN!! and this shows how much nutrition, and being comfortable are in racing and training.

Moral of the story? Don’t let your “diet” go down the drain because of stress or anything else race week…and make your kids wash their hands. I’ll be sure to make sure my “diet” stays constant, and nothing new is introduced this week with B2B so close; Last thing I want is to suffer, more than normal, over GI stress for 10ish hours. I’ll be sure to let you all know how that goes. Wish me luck!

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