“Hate to Say I Told You So…”

As you can probably figure out from the picture, I have now become a sad panda… And I’m a sad panda because I’m not allowed to run for a few weeks, and it took all of three days of not running for insanity to begin creeping in through the cracks. The title is what I expect a few of you, especially those of you that know me, to say when reading this post. I’ll just start by saying ‘overuse injury’, and ‘had to withdraw’… (sniff sniff cry). But it’s not all bad!! I have some great things coming out of the forced rest. Let’s get into everything

From my last post, https://atltrihollywood.wordpress.com/2010/11/26/atl-thanksgiving-day-half-marathon-the-wrong-side-of-atl/ , where I went over a sub-par race on Thanksgiving day, someone should have said something about my slow time. Something was off, and I think I knew, but I refused to admit it. I wasn’t keeping my normal pace, my right leg felt that wonderful burn from pushing myself way before my left, and I felt like I was moving through cake batter even though I wasn’t moving that fast; not normal things. Anyway; I just used that race as my medium distance run for the week in getting ready for my 40 mile run at Pine Mountain. Fast forward to the next week, and training is going well, and I’m SUPER excited for Pine Mountain, but I’m eating everything and anything I can get my hands on. I should have known then, because I always get crazy hungry when I’m sick or hurt; it’s kind of a internal alarm system… that I ignored… My Sunday run was great. I ran for 4:07 on the trails down by the Chattahoochee starting at Paper Mill, and going all the way to the end and back three or so times trying to use new paths every time; my fellow ATLiens know the way. I felt sure the next day, and my knee felt, off… Would it surprise you that I kept training? Yeah; didn’t think so.

So Wednesday comes along, and my appetite is still in overdrive, and I go for an easy hour run. This is the day it was like a monsoon, and I ran in it, because I may be crazy, and the whole time my knee was just nagging at me. I hit the ignore button. And so I bring us to the big day, Friday before the 40 miler and the last run until the ‘race’. That nagging is still there, then, at 30minutes into the hour run, my pace drops to almost 11minutes/mile, and I have a pain shooting up the outside of my right thigh that hurts so much I feel sick to my stomach. That’s saying a lot coming from me; I’d argue that maybe I like pain a little too much, so this was something major. I huffed it out the mile back to my truck, got in, and immediately knew that the Pine Mountain race was out of the question. I could have cried… Care to guess what was the culprit of the pain? I’ll give you a hint…

And there it is; that damn IT band. It took one touch from Dr. Sadri at 1st Choice Healthcare (love them; ART is the greatest thing ever, so far… You’ll see. I’ll have a review of how awesome ART in the next few days too) to know that my IT band was uber inflamed. Lots of work, and new bruises, A LOT of new bruises, crazy lateral exercises, and a prescription for rest, and I officially started my off-season. It wasn’t on my terms, but it was obviously needed. I have been racing since early January of 2010 at least once a week, so I guess it was over due. You can go ahead and quote the title now… Ready for the really really REALLY cool stuff that came out of it?!

First off is more Active Release Therapy, and how amazing it works. I’ll go in depth in the review of it. Next is the essential amino acids I got from Sports Rehab Shop ( sportsrehabshop.com , I should have a link up to the site soon; mention me at checkout), and how well they should work. I’ll have a full review in a few weeks, but I did some research, and I couldn’t find anything better or more simple out there. No one wants a bunch of long words that you can’t pronounce and artificial things going into what you eat; these products are top shelf stuff. Here’s the links http://sportsrehabshop.com/sports-rehab-performance-shop/#ecwid:category=544312&mode=product&product=1628165 http://sportsrehabshop.com/sports-rehab-performance-shop/#ecwid:category=544312&mode=product&product=1601434. You should remember my raving about the MOJO bands SRS sells, and the Stick and foam roller I love for tight muscles, so I have complete faith in these two products. It also got me access to a hyperbaric chamber that has a ton of research done to speed recovery. Yeah; it looks like something out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but if it gets me back to running before I lose my sanity, I’m all in. I’ll have a full review of that in a couple weeks after I’ve used it a few times, so BE EXCITED!!! This injury also brings rest, which is when we truly grow stronger and faster as triathletes; that means next season will be nothing short of E-P-I-C!! See; not all bad, and possibly even exciting, eh?!

So, go ahead and shake your head while quoting the title of this post, but be ready for some new info on some new products (there’s even another SRS product I’m using to beat my girlfriend in a contest for best abs by 2011, but don’t tell! I’ll review that in a week or two) AND be ready for a couple comments of  back at you once I’m rehabbed and stronger, better, and faster than this season. The plan is to make an even bigger jump in performance than I did in this season, finish with an OA finish, and…Nationals?!?!? I think yes. Call it shooting for the moon, but I won’t land in the stars if I miss the moon, I’ll to soar past them both, and surprise even myself at where I land.

8 thoughts on ““Hate to Say I Told You So…”

  1. Good to see you Sat at the party. Sorry your run season was cut short, but honestly, it’s for the best, and you know it. You’ll come back stronger. I would like to see you work more recovery time in for next season, and maybe focus on a few “premium” races instead of racing so often. I am interested in seeing if your times would improve dramatically if you allowed yourself to recupe a little more.

    1. It was good to see that many ATC members, even if I was the youngest one by a few years, which is why I’m wasn’t at many socials. I’m excited to come back next season, and I know I’ll be better. I think I am going to do just that, racing less but stronger, and allowing myself to recover more often than just when my body forces me to. Still kinda green; still lots of growing to do

  2. Don’t forget massage. The thing that helps my IT bands the most are the deep tissue massages that Clyde Ranney does for me. And also stretching and when you are ready for it, weight training for the glutes, hams, and quads.

    1. I get a massage from J.Vogel every month or so. My IT band was never that bad. And I have a major stretching issue… As in I RARELY do it; that needs to change. Weight training wise isn’t the issue, kinda the opposite. My prime movers are so developed that the stabilizing muscles seem like they aren’t even there. I’m doing lots of lateral exercises and strenghting all the complementary muscles everywhere.

    1. It’s almost back to 100% now because of ART and the hyperbaric chamber. 6 weeks was what I was told originally; it’s only been a week. I’ll have a big review of all that soon.

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just amputate our IT Bands? I’ve had problems with mine for 2+ years. My foam roller is what keeps it in check.

    Welcome to Team Trakkers!

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