Neon Green&Black Lycra?! Free Stuff?! GPS?!

Yes; those are the exact thoughts that went through my head early this week when I received a very special and exciting email from Carole (don’t for get the E… she will also now be known affectionately as “Mama Bear” FFR) at TRAKKERS GPS. I may have possibly been doing an AWESOME happy dance while reading the email; think the ‘Peanuts” dance, but on 7 pots of coffee. So; if you haven’t connected the dots yet, I’ll be rocking a lot of tight and scantly covering lycra in 2011. I’M ON TEAM TRAKKERS YO!!!

What does this mean you ask? Well it means that I’m part of a crazy group of people who will all be in matching green and black uniforms. I say crazy because in the first 30minutes of getting the congrats email, there had already been mention of hard&pierced nipples, a lack of panties, and moonings…along with my comment later about running clad only in my sneaks. Can you tell that 2011 is going to be nothing short of ridiculous?! I’m super excited to be a part of such a great team; we’ve already connected just through emails and forums, so much so that it kinda feels like my extended family has just exploded in number and quality.

What else does it mean? AWESOME sponsors and deals and products and gear and….(have to lower my breathing before I hyper-ventilate…) JUST REALLY COOL STUFF!!! Just a few that I am “allowed” to talk about for now are Kestrel Bikes. FREAKIN’ SWEET BIKES!!! I think mine might even have a color scheme to match my TRAKKERS uni!! 😀 Pretty sure my 56mile 70.6 bike leg split is going to drop dramatically. (Yes; that means that there’s a very good chance I’ll be selling my 2010 TT bike. email me for info). AVIA shoes; DEFINITELY going to be the green BOLT II, not just for matching reasons, but that’s a plus. (Don’t lie guys; you think about it when you go out for a run/ride/race) The BOLT II is also supposed to be super light, so I see my current mari PR to be blasted away in New Orleans RnR Marathon in a couple months. I’m not 100% on swim stuff besides TriSlide/TriSwim by SBR Sports inc., which I’m in desperate need of. I’ll review all the new gear once I get my hands on them. Also  Rev3 and TRAKKERS, but you’ll have to wait until I race for those reviews; I’ve heard uber great things about them already. EXCITED!!! I’ll just go ahead and say thanks SO MUCH to the current sponsors; more to come. HOW COOL IS IT THAT I HAVE THIS LIST OF SPONSORS ON MY BLOG AND THAT’S NOT EVEN ALL OF THEM?! Go check them all out; just follow the links.

Races you ask? TENTATIVELY… all of the Rev3 series minus Costa Rica. Goals? P-O-D-I-U-M-S BABY!!! I’l get more into that as I know and the dates get closer. I is so escit-teded!!!

I’ll keep you all updated. Wish me fast legs and strong swims.

7 thoughts on “Neon Green&Black Lycra?! Free Stuff?! GPS?!

  1. Just an FYI for all you out there… Joshua did not even know what the “Peanuts Happy Dance” was, until I (mom) showed him on you tube. HAHA

  2. WOOT WOOT! Representing the mean green! 🙂 Love it! Looking forward to meeting you

  3. I grew up with my dad always referring to the “Snoopy Happy Dance”, but I am 10 years older than you. Eeeeekkk!

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