I’m not a huge fan of short posts, but this is going to be one. Just a quick update and shout out about my plan to start 2011’s trip to numerous OA podiums…
So; cannibalization of muscle, kind of goes hand-in-hand in with fat loss, and just getting super lean. Plan is going great. I totally revamped my diet and exercise plans(with MUCH tha is to Ben Greenfield’s book Shape21; look for me to be selling his products, because they’ve all been golden, in the next few months), and I feel great. Pretty much organic, and gluten-free diet has made me feel better than I ever have. The one thing I’m not enjoying is how sore I am just 5days into the program, but that’s what happens when you “lose” muscle, so it’s ok. Exercise has been slow miles and yards, or intervals. I could argue the intervals add endurance, but that’s another post, so I’ll just say that it’s keeping the base I’ve built, in nothing more than 30minute sessions.
I can’t tell you what weight has been lost because I don’t weight myself, simply because that number is BS due to water weight and when you’ve eaten, and recent exercise, ect ect… So I use how my clothes fit instead. I’ll just say that I had to completely redo my wardrobe after the weight I lost from my wreck and resulting coma, and it kinda seems like I may have to do that again in a month or two. My rocker jeans are becoming normal fit jeans. I’ve also already noticed cuts in places I’ve never had them, like those damn lower abs that are hide-and-never be found no matter how much you seek masters. AND THIS IS ONLY 5 DAYS IN TO THE 21 DAY PROGRAM!! And I think the fact that I feel 1000x better with the new super healthy and simple diet, and even discovered some new awesome foods like kiefer and amaranth, is reason enough to keep with the program until serious training begins. Even then, my diet will be super healthy, I’ll just be eating more. I could live off raw veggies and fruit if it was possible anyway, so it’s pretty awesome.
Ending I’ll just say that I’ve jump-started my ideas and plans for an amazing 2011, and that 2011 will be amazing, in triathlon, racing, and quality of life. Happy Training, and a Merry Christmas today, to everyone and your families who share my obsession with sport.

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  1. So I just checked out Shape21’s website, and i must say it is impressive. Do you have to do their workouts in order for it to work?? Or can you just do the eating plan?

    1. I’m not through school to have my kinesiology and nutrition degrees, BUT, from all the stuff I read and try and research, here’s my take on that. The interval workouts, and all workouts like the ones in Shape21, are formated to boost metabolism and burn calories(mostly fat) throughout the day; that’s completely different than just the long slow workouts. The diet is really really close to being all natural, as in minimum steps between Earth and your mouth, a lot of veggies and a higher percent of GOOD fats than most people eat. I felt better after just 2 days of eating that diet, and pretty much detoxing my body. So…here’s my thoughts; finally 🙂 Yes, but the diet and amount of calories in each day is designed for the day’s workouts, so if it’s a 1800k day, and you have a 4 hour bike on your schedule, you’re going to be in a major deficit, and IF you don’t have self control, you’ll end up slipping and majorly over eating later that day or in the next 1-2. So do it, and it’ll work, but be mindful of what training you’re doing, and how many calories you need to stay away from over eating.

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