Base Amino Acids

This post is a little over due; I used these products a couple months ago for about 5 weeks, but had to stop due to superhero like ability to put on muscle(I’ll get to that), but the products still deserve a review. So here’s a couple of products I found that seemed to give me a huge boost in muscle, by doing nothing more than taking a couple scoops of powder post training.

I mentioned these products in a previous post; I was given them as a way to boost my recovery by Sports Rehap Shop ( when we THOUGHT it was my IT band that got hurt last month. These products are made to eliminate muscle cannibalization, and boost muscle growth. incase you missed high school biology, muscles are made of amino acids, they’re the building blocks, and amino acids are exactly what these products are. I’ll tell you right now that the work, and that I’d recommend them for your explosive type sport athletes; football, basketball, combat sports, short-distance track, field events, you get the point. Sports that use anaerobic abilities, or if you have the body type of Jack Skelington, not so much for the endurance athlete, UNLESS it’s to rehab a muscle injury. Let me explain…

I’m not a hard-gainer by any means, meaning I don’t have any trouble putting on muscle; I’ve been told more than once to either cut down on protein, or that I have too much muscle (specifically in my legs) by heathcare providers to be racing long course and ultra events. I walk up the stairs, I gained an inch around my calfs… you see the point. I used this stuff, and ONLY this stuff as my protein source, for 3-4 weeks when I got injured, I gained 7lbs in that time. I was also trying to strengthen my complementary muscles, like my glute med, to make sure I didn’t injure my IT once the season started, and was told to do exercises once a day, everyday, at 3 sets of 15; by the fifth day, I was doing 4sets of 50 2-3x a day, with only a slight burn. See what I mean by they work? And I put on muscle plenty without, and if you’ve been reading my posts, you know I’m trying to lose muscle, so I stopped taking them; but not before I could attest to how well they work.

So, if you need to gain muscle fast, with almost no calories(just amino acid and flavoring), or rehab from a surgery, or major muscle strain, pick up these products. If you’re a football/basketball/fighter/lifter/ect, go ahead; 140.6 athlete, be mindful. That extra 20lbs of muscle you put on in the 4-5 months you’re training for the event, isn’t going to do you much good trying to hammer up hills, or running the last 10k of your marathon. Follow the links I’ve added to the pics to check out the products.

INFINITY FITNESS 100% Muscle Recover

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