Quality Races

The last two seasons of racing, I’ve raced as much as possible. There were months where I raced three times, wether it be road races or multisport events, and while it was fun, results were only slightly above average. 2011 has a completely different focus; QUALITY.

I’ve already had my training schedule for all of the 2011 season made, (courtesy of Ben Greenfield, who I’ll be racing AGAINST[read ‘beating’] in Portland :D), and there’s only 5 races on it. Only 3 of those 5 races are races to actually be ‘raced’, or at least I’ll do my best not to blow up during the other 2; the plan is to really shine in those races. They’re all Rev3 races, all distances at least once(one olympic, three 70.3’s, and one 140.6), I’ll be focusing on break-through performances at each distance once. The olympic race in Knoxville in May, The full at Cedar Point in September, and the half in South Carolina in October. I’ll be racing the half in Quassy and Portland as well, but they’re ‘B’ races. The plan is series points, enough to place in the series, and the prize that comes with that. 

There’s a couple road races in the year too, but nothing I’m really pushing to win in(Red Nose 10miler only because I won free entry; Rock n Roll 26.2 NOLA because, let’s be real, I wanna ‘visit’ Bourbon Street, and the annual Polar Bear 5k up the street, I am going to try for OA instead of AG podium this year).

So, let’s see how good I really am, when I focus on race quality, and not just racing as often as I can find a race. Pretty excited to get started; testing starts tomorrow(1-3), then full-out-110% training starts the week after (1-9). Watch for a neon green & black blur at the races; that’ll be me.

3 thoughts on “Quality Races

  1. Smart decision to dial back some. i am doing the same thing this season with only one “A” race – IMTX. Training is just a lot more consistent and measurable when you are not “racing” every darn weekend!

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