My First Contest

This post is going to be short and sweet because I’m on a time crunch today, this is an exploding offer, and I’m currently on my trainer doing hill repeats after intervals and tempo…I promise I love my coach(seriously; I love sessions that leave me for dead). So…to the point…
I won free entry to the Columbia Half Marathon & 5k in Columbia SC March 5…for the 5k anyway (for clarity; THIS IS ONLY FOR THE 5k!!) Here’s the website for your ocular pleasure. Here’s the contest: comment here with your top 3 movies of all time AND your “power song” you go to when you’re running/cycling up that Everest-like hill, or you’re in the final kick for a podium spot, and your stomach’s contents are centimeters from making an appearance. I’ll make my choice based on best, most diverse, ect ect… Don’t choose MY favorites; I promise you’ll be wrong. Contest runs until 1-21-11 at noon. LET THE GAME BEGIN!!!

Penny for your thoughts...

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