Are You Checking Out My…


As most of you know; AVIA is the official shoe sponsor for TRAKKERS, and if you’ve ever looked at their shoes, you’ve probably wanted them just based on there neon color schemes.(maybe that’s just me and Heather; we may be stuck in the 90s with black lights :). I had my first interval set and long run in my AVIA BoltIIs this past week…mmmmmm

The shoes just look fast, but most times when you see a racing flat, it’s not much more than a piece of cardboard for a sole, and a couple strategically placed strips of cloth to hold it to your foot. Not the case with AVIA’s racing flats. As a total forefoot striker(my heels might show 25miles by the time I have to retire a pair of flats) some cushion is important. These shoes feel like I’m running on…no; like I’m gliding. There’s no discomfort in these flats over the 14miles I covered during my brick run this weekend; I don’t see there being any pain over the marathon the end of my much anticipated Rev3 Cedar Point Full in September. Or the Rock n Roll NOLA marathon in 11days(I forget about that one; I’m not allowed to race because of my race focus this season, so it’s just a training run). Did I mention they’re freakin NEON?!
I like bright obnoxious colors; the more attention pulling the better. My entire life would be a rave with black lights and crazy DJ mash-ups(check out Girl Talk; the guy is incredible), but no X or pacifiers, definitely spiked neon hair!! Back to the shoes… They’re bright neon green; my mom will argue their chartreuse…she’ll argue it’s egg shell and not white too… Anyway; the shoes. Awesome color. And black trim with G-L-I-T-T-E-R!!! Ke$ha would approve. And it matches the TRAKKERS color scheme, and let’s be real; matching is important. To add to that, they’re shaped like a fighter jet; let me summarize.
Shaped to be fast+cushion+AMAZING color=you have run fast:) Ok; some of it may be the runner and not entirely the shoes; but they help. Big fan; 2 thumbs way up.

13 thoughts on “Are You Checking Out My…

  1. It’s a shame you didn’t live in the 80’s when all everything was neon. I LOVED it. I had hot pink and neon green minis and socks and bikinis and sunglasses.

  2. They look nice. Never ran in AVIA’s. I just got my new K-Swiss Blade Lights. They’re bright neon yellow and match some of my other yellow running gear. I like the bright colors as well. The 80’s were great and I’m always listening to an 80’s channel on satellite radio. Girl Talk rocks and is always on my iPod when I run. I also like Jaydiohead – JayZ mixed with Radio Head or the other album with JayZ Black album + Beatles White Album = Jaydiohead Grey Album.

    1. I ordered a pair; I’m RUNNING (my coach won’t let me race it >:/ ) the Rock n Roll NOLA marathon in 10 days, like I said in my post, and my shoes were WAY beyond useable miles. I didn’t want to chance getting hurt or crazy blisters busting out a new pair for flats for the run.

  3. I a stalking my UPS man awaiting my shoes. come on Avias! Glad you love them and wait to rock some myself!

  4. Awesome review. Thanks for the info man. I definitely need something with a little less stability than the quest lites for speed workouts and racing and have been leaning towards these.

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