Finishing Chute Vision

People talk about tunnel vision when they see something important, or when they’re going an incredible speeds; I don’t know about that last one being “incredible”, but “important” and “speed” are words I’d use to describe my vision and pace when I see the finish line during my races.
I spent Friday night in NOLA because I was RUNNING, not RACING (there’s a black & white difference) the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Sunday, while my mom was completing the half marathon, and my dad was here as well for support, and a kind of early 12 year anniversary for my parents. Friday had a lot of firsts: first trip to NOLA; first cab ride; first cab ride with a stranger; first trip to a casino; first “George Michael Situation” in the casino bathroom…let me explain that last one.
So; since I had the marathon to run Sunday, and I knew I wouldn’t be going out Sunday night late, even less to a casino with free drinks, my parents and I went to Harrah’s Friday night. 4 beers and 2 hours into roulette, I had to break the seal. So I’m at the urinal, and I’m freeing my bladder from it’s stress…and freeing…and freeing…and…you get it. Anyway; I’m at the urinal, and the guy next to me, who is H-A-M-M-E-R-E-D, leans completely over the dividers and starts commenting on my “architecture”… If you haven’t read my post about the locker room and my exploits there, go read it, then SOMEONE, PLEASE, tell me why I attract mentally crazy girls (not exaggerating; ask my family), and guys who are far to open to other guys and their bare crotches… So; after that more than awkward and long conversation, because it’s not like you can just stop, it was back to roulette, with a couple slots and a really fast C-note gone in Blackjack. I ended up back at a new roulette table, with a few much stiffer drinks, and ended up walking out +31$ my first trip to a casino. I’d say it went pretty well; minus the half bottle of Febreeze I used on that nights clothes over the next 36 hours to finally rid them of their casino odor. And if you’re wondering how my head felt that next morning; perfect. I rarely drink, but when I do; I keep a 2:1 water to alcohol ratio, with a liter before bed and first thing in the morning, along with a pre-party digestive enzyme. Haven’t been hungover in a couple years. The rest of the town…
So my parents have this idea to go walk around NOLA and see old buildings… I don’t know why; it’s a house; it’s old; someone barely famous once used the bathroom…so why am I here? So after a hour or so of that, and seeing people plastered on Bourbon street at freaking noon (I blame the walk-up “get your 12shot drink here, then go make an ass of yourself” windows), I went back to the hotel room, watched some of the 13 channels they had (no Netflix; 15$/day for internet?! WTH?!), I ordered a steak from the “legendary” Don Shula’s restaurant… 70-ish $$ later… I’ve made better steaks in frying pan. Seriously. Totally wasted cash. If you’re wondering why I went totally of the vegan reservation, I got my metabolic type done by Bioletics (, and I’m a protein type-2. Basically I have a really fast metabolism; so I need 40% (real) protein, 30% fat and carbs. I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks and I’ve slimmed down from 8% body fat already, and I’m not hungry every 30minutes. I’m training harder, faster, and recovery time has dropped too. But I digress my shameless plug for Tim Monaco… I was asleep a little after 2030, and the marathon was 10 1/2 hours away.
Wake up at 520 race morning; make my coffee; do 250 jumping-jacks; stretch; drink coffee; dress; pay 3$ for 2 bananas (…not kidding), and off to walk the 2miles to the start as my warm up. National Anthem (no prayer; I don’t approve of races without); “Eye of the Tiger” plays, and we’re off. 
The game plan from my coach was zone2 mile 0-10; zone3 10-20; as fast as you want last 10k. I stayed zone3 from the start, through mile 19, then played with the line between zone3&4 until mile25, where I pushed it above LT, and when I saw the finishing chute, I was GONE!! I always sprint as soon as I see the chute, which is probably why I’ve gotten pretty decent at it (except the one time some kid out-kicked me at the ATL Thanksgiving half…damn it). I usually call out some one, “YOU!!! BLUE SHIRT!!!(with very angry voice), and run them down(except at the…I already told you >,<). There was no calling out in NOLA; instead it was high-knees with a full lean the last 500meters. Lungs burning; vision narrowed to just the clock; and legs and feet that felt like I was running on clouds with rocket boosters. Did I mention that I was in my AWESOME AVIA BOLT II's?!?!
Yeah; gear and nutrition: AVIA Bolt II's (I reviewed them already, but to reiterate: great flat with cushion. Great distance and sprint flat); First Endurance Liquid Shot (1/2 a bottle in each of 4fuel belt bottles, 1/2 water); no GI issues, which is a first, and I had high energy the while time. Great product; first semi-solid fuel I've ever been able to take without bonking and no GI issues; and both flavors taste great!! Yurbuds too; I take full advantage of music if earbuds are allowed, and Yurbuds are awesome. They absolutely live up to the hype and their claims. And of course my Team TRAKKERS visor, green tech shirt to match, and CEP compression socks. Only issue: even taking a full cup of water at each aid station(running; I've perfected the run-n-drink) and temps around 55, I was still dehydrated and barely sweating my mile 19. As soon as I'd down a water cup; I'd sweat it right back out. Not nearly as bad as at B2B 140.6, but once I got through the finishing chute, my ankles(due to not one damn road in NOLA not being riddled with hole and cracks, and all be on a 3*-5* slant) and my hammies shrunk to (non)humorous length… 1.6 liters of H2O walking to the buses, and I wasn't fresh, but they loosened up a little. And they loved the ice bath once I was back at the hotel.
But the race and the final kick, (I'm distracted easily), I finished in 3:41:26; that's a 8:21/mile pace (for the 26.52 miles both myself and a guy walking through the post chute area read on our respective Garmins). Not bad for a mostly zone3 run, and when my longest run since November has been 3 12milers. 
RnR puts on a solid event, though the NOLA streets could use some work, and the post race party seemed fun too; I wouldn't know… I'm on a plane on the way back to ATL right now, because I have a test due and class tomorrow, but hey; at least I'm in 1st class!! 

7 thoughts on “Finishing Chute Vision

  1. Your best post yet. I was laughing so hard, my dogs left the room. Nice time. You killed it!

  2. Nice weekend! Remind me to keep away from you in the restrooms!!! Fantastic on the race finish, I’m still 90 days out till my season starts, but I’m hitting the training hard.

  3. I’ll bet the whole bathroom incident was a little disturbing for you 🙂 Congrats on coming out on top at the casino and for having a very solid race!

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