VO2max Tests & What I Learned After

Everyone that’s been in the endurance sport word for any time his heard about the VO2max tests; I had mine today. (if not, follow these link to a description and video  http://www.thesportfactory.com/site/reference/vo2explained.shtml ) What’s interesting though, is what I learned after, completely unrelated to my VO2maxes. What I learned about the sport…

Before I get into what I learned, I’ll go ahead and tell you my ‘scores’. My bike max was at 295watts at 189bpm, a 57.2 VO2max, and a recovery on 97% in the 2minutes following the termination of the test (for those reading who think I just copied a problem from my brother’s math homework, I didn’t… There’s no train leaving LA at 65 miles per hour, with another train blah blah… just trust me when i say I know what I’m talking about). On a fitness scale, anything 52.4+ is superior for my AG, but that’s skewed a little by our population’s ever expanding waist line. As a scale of reference Mr. Armstrong’s VO2max was around 90… yeah; that’s almost double mine. As for the run; I lasted 12:30minutes, at 187bpm, a 61.0VO2max, and 89%recovery in the post 2minutes. Again; that’s superior on the scale. And again, elite cyclist are pumping out 500watts… If you know me, then you know what I’m going to type next: I could have done better. Yes; VO2max is highly genetics, but I know I could have made it the next bump on both tests. Granted i may have risked blacking out, but I still had some fumes left in the tank after.

What’s fun though, is what i learned talking to Matt after. My running form needs work. I have a lot of vertical movement; ie I bounce a lot. Now I knew I didn’t have perfect form, but I didn’t know that I had that much of an issue. Running is a hell of a lot easier if you’re efficient. Bouncy isn’t efficient… Here’s something even better I, well not learned; I knew it, but I didn’t take it into account…I’m 22; you have until 25+/- a year to gain speed; I’m doing 140.6 races, and they’re the races everyone wants to be able to say they’ve done because we’ve been raised to believe ‘Bigger is Better’… See where I’m going? (and I’m going to get a lot of ‘I told you so’ from my mom on this…) Basically, I need to focus more on sprint, international distance, maybe, MAYBE just ONE 70.3 in there, for a while. Now I’m racing 3 70.3 distances this year, and one 140.6 becuase I’m doing all the Rev3Tri events, but outside of very specific training for those races, it’s all about speed. Which is totally fine, because I like going fast, and once I built that speed, the switch over to long course will be way easier, and I’ll do better, with that speed already there. WHICH MEANS… I’ll be completely RE-PRIORITIZING my races for next season. It also means I’m going to be making sure I focus more on my speed work and intervals, than my long slow-ish sessions. It also means that I have to re-organize my long term goals; and yes, school is still highest on the priority list, by a little 🙂

SO… respectable results; focus on short course; LOVE speed work; and re-focus. Seems simple typing it…I doubt it will be that simple.

6 thoughts on “VO2max Tests & What I Learned After

  1. So um…I told you so. I may not be Ms. Athletic but I have a little bit of sense both common and book. So maybe I’m smarter than you give me credit for.

  2. good scores Josh! I’m a VO2 max junkie, I help administer them a lot at work. I think everyone always compares themselves to Lance! What a freak of nature that one is! And who told you you only have till 25 to gain speed? Because I’m well past that and get faster every year…just sayin!

    1. Matt Russ at The Sport Factory. He’s one of the few lvl4 USAT coaches, and he’s also the 2011 TEAM USA tri coach. BTW; girls have a few more years, especially when it comes to longer distances, and you’ll hold onto it longer. Look at the ITU athletes; the majority are, and the ones winning, are in their 20’s. And then they switch over to long course, and do great. Macca raced ITU until he was 28, then switched, and look at where he is now

    1. That ma’am, is a damn good question… Vertical oscillation; I couldn’t remember the term when I was typing. It’s all form work. I have a run mechanics clinic while I’m in Orlando getting my USAT cert; if I haven’t figured it out by then, then I’ll know after

  3. Hum… very interesting! Thanks for breaking the numbers down a little for us, eh, not so educated about the numbers!

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