School’s Out…Kinda

Damn… it’s been a week and a half since I wrote; that’s no good. Lots of things have happened, changed, been realized. A few of those completely changed my path for the year. I’ll talk about those last ๐Ÿ™‚

So I took my last exam today, which means I’M OUT OF SCHOOL FOR TWO AND A HALF WEEKS!!! Finished the quarter with (probably) two A’s, or an A and a B. Yeah; I only took 2 classes because I didn’t get the email that registration was open until there was only 36 hours left in it, so most of the classes were filled. I’m signed up for a full load next quarter with Anatomy&Physiology (SWEETNESS), Intro to the Humanities (and I plan to fully get my Plato-Stotle on), and Bio(eh..). I think they all compliment each other, especially anatomy & bio, so it should be a pretty easy quarter; I like science(non-math) a lot anyway. But there’s some bad that comes with the 2 weeks off; at least 2 of those days will be spent in bed or on the couch(or on the trainer :D) because I have sinus surgery on Wednesday. Nothing big; just a quick 45minute thing to open them up because apparently I’ve only been getting like 40-45% airflow…who knew?(yeah; thats me)

On another medical(ish) note, I was running with Team Trakkers teamie Andree Miceli(the second teamie I’ve met, and they’re both pretty awesome) Saturday on the Kennesaw Mountain trails, and my knee got tight, and then just quit working at mile 14.5 of 15…seriously knee? Half a mile and you just quit? You’re on my list… We had an easy conversational run with some race-pace in the middle, but really just a comfortable run. Comfortable until mile 14.5 anyway. The issue is I don’t run hills, and I have terrible form running downhill. I land with my foot way out in front with almost locked knees, which screws up my hips, which made my knee hurt. BTW, it’s never the knees…it’s always the hips or ankles. Don’t ask my why now, I’ll be able to explain after anatomy class. ANYWHO…I went to Synergy Sport Release, and they twisted my knee and hips, realigning them, and after the initial soreness, pain free and back to running(follow this link )…slowly…

I’m running slowly because I hired a new coach. Tony Hammett at Endurance Concepts. (there wasn’t anything ‘wrong’ with my old coach, so those of you I recommended to him can relax, but it was more for the ‘i wanna do well” triathlete, and I’m the ‘I’m going to bust my ass everyday and follow the plan and do everything I possibly have to do to race elite’ athlete.) And if you know me at all, you know that I have zone4,5 and higher, with some high zone3… I like the feeling of NOT feeling my legs after a session. I talked to Tony and explained my old training ways, and the first words out of his mouth…I’ll wait while you guess……”You need to be reigned in”…yeah; if I had a dollar for every time a coach has told me that… So, in the 10days before my surgery, we’re going slow, and I’m uploading all my data and my thoughts post sess so thatI get the full benefit of training. Someone important said. “You have go slow to get fast”, and I believe it, but it’s just so damn hard to go slow!!! I don’t wanna be the guy out there going 12mph in an aero helmet (oh yeah, I bought a LAZER(YEAH WITH A Z!!!)aero helmet. It’s awesome, and Courtenay Brown and I are apparantly being ‘twinsies’ at Rev3 Knox-Vegas. Later I’ll be having a contest to see how I want to paint it), or the one with a 15/mile pace with the 300$GPS watch… Ironically though; the people who understand this sport, and are good at it, understand that there’s a reason I’m going that speed while gritting my teeth because I want z5 effort.(disclaimer: if those are your paces, that was not a knock to you. I have the upmost respect for anyone who gets up and tris(hehe) instead of sitting on the couch because they think they can’t. Those are the people who made me want to coach(that’s in 7weeks). I just wanna go fast!). Post surgery, I’ll be going flat out(I think) in a 5k to re-establish my zones, because they are off, and that’s no good. So i’m excited for that, probably more so because I’m getting really antsy to race!!! That’s a really good segue..

My new race schedule, as some of you may have guessed after my VO@max post, has shifted from long course(which I shouldn’t be doing at 22 in the first place, much less be able to walk out the door now and complete a full…), to short course, and SPEED, like it should be. So, with the addition of some 5&10k road races (and maybe a TT or 2?! Huh Coach; what do you think about that?)along the way, here are my races:

April 30: Tri the Parks(TTP) John Tanner Sprint #1

May 15: Rev3 Knoxville Olympic

June 4: Rev3 Quassy Olympic(First A Race!!!!)

June 25: TTP Indian Springs Sprint

July 10: Rev3 Portland Half(long training day; not ‘racing’ it)

July 23: TTP Mistletoe Park Sprint

August 13: TTP Richard B. Rustle Olympic(I have history at this race. Should have placed in my AG my first season(race number 4)but got knocked out because of a 2min penalty from racking my bike wrong because I was late…)

September 11:TTP John Tanner Sprint #2

September 24: Tugaloo Olympic(I vowed I’d never race this hell again…My coach said ‘whaaa…you’re racing it’)

October 8: Rev3 South Carolina Olympic (A RACE!!)

That’s pretty much it beside some benchmark tests at the road races, and I kinda wanna do a TT on my NEW BIKE!!! But more on that in a sec. The TTP races will be all “go blow your legs up” races, but nothing important, and I’ll also have training for the A races later that day. Yeah; I’m actually REALLY FRICKIN’ EXCITED about that. The smell of ammonia in your blood, and wanting nothing more than to crash on the nearest flat surface(usually the ground) but still knowing that you have a ride in a few hours…it’s beautiful. Good thing I have amazing sponsors like RECOVERY PUMP AND FIRST ENDURANCE TO GET ME BACK INTO FIGHTING SHAPE ASAP for my A races at Rev3!!

Recovery Pump; it’s awesome. Think of these inflatable boots you wear after exercise. Now you do this to flush all the waste out of your legs, which means you can recover faster. Me, like most of my Trakkers teamnies, have kind of shifted our thinking to training just to use RP. Please PLEASE go check out the website. It’s an amazing product. And FE; well without their PRERACE ย and LIQUID SHOT I wouldn’t be able to train as hard, long or focused. PRERACE keeps my mind completely clear and focused on the session, and there’s no jitteryness or bad crash. It’s become a key in my important sessions. And LIQUID SHOT is the best tasting and easiest to digest endurance semisolid fuel out there. I know; I promise I’ve tried them all. And now back to the bike, and our awesome bike sponsor KESTREL.

Kestrel was the first company to make carbon bikes, and they’re still in the forefront of the field. I have ordered my, well pretty much extremely tri/TT specific, Airfoil PRO SL!! The change in the crankset alone from my current tri bike(Bella), will be a GINORMOUS increase in power, which should equate to SPEED!!!! I’ll have her(yes; it’s a her…She’ll have a name too, but that’s later) before my first race, and we will rip it up! If you haven’t noticed, I’m really excited its tri season.

Six weeks until I get to blow my legs up and TTP, and 8 until REV3 Knoxville, then just 10 until I peak the first time this season at REV3 Quassy…I’m only counting down the days…and hours…ok and minutes and seconds… But with the sun finally still around, and my tritop tan lines already there, what’s one reason not to be crazy excited?!Yeah…that’s how freakin’ excited I am!!!

7 thoughts on “School’s Out…Kinda

  1. Damn, lots going on my man!
    Training slow to go fast works – especially on the run. It is boring as hell and it really sucks to get passed by a mom with a double wide stroller but you have to fight the urge. Build that base. Good luck with it!

    1. Yeah; it’s been a busy coue weeks. And that’s EXACTLY my issue with going slow; it LOOKS bad, but only to those who don’t understand… It’s a paradox

  2. You’ll be happy with the Zone 2 once you see how fast your Z4 becomes ๐Ÿ˜€ The folks at Synergy Release Sports are A-MAZE-ING; you are in excellent hands there! and of course I give a two thumbs up to the EC folks too!! Keep rocking! Good luck with the surgery!

  3. Good luck with the surgery. Crusing along at 12 MPH in an aero-helmet is sort of like cruising at 10 mph in a lamborini. Everyone knows you can go faster anytime you feel like it.

    See you at Knoxville!

  4. As racers, it’s hard to go slow, but I agree that it helps in the end! ๐Ÿ™‚ Mentally that’s really tough and we all go through that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sounds like you have a solid race schedule. Look forward to meeting you in Knoxville!

  5. Sounds like it is going to be an awesome season! See ya in Quassy.

    (And once I upgrade to my own tardiz, I’ll be twinsies with you and Courtenay too). Or triplitsies?

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