I Didn’t Fall of the Face of the World!! Promise!!!

UHHHG… I’m so far behind. SB ’11 was… well just as non-stereotypical as I said it would be in my last post. I did go out once though(my head hurt after), and I went out of town(sorta), and other things happened. It’s not all that exciting, but it’s kinda fun.

So I had sinus surgery. I’m all healed from that, and I can breathe so amazingly well. I didn’t have to take any of my meds, which is awesome because I always have really really bad and obscure side effects. That’s really all there is to say about it.

I moved out; that’s kinda exciting. It wasn’t stressful, well moving wasn’t anyway. Everything got moved, for the most part, in one day. I still need my desk, and some more lighting, but the big things are here.


That’s how this post started off yesterday. I’m sure you can tell I wasn’t in the greatest of moods. But that was yesterday, and the couple days before it. Suffice it to say that I have anxiety, and all the changes/stress/variables that happened in the course of less than a week all caught up to me at one time…HARD. And I have Seasonal Affective Disorder(it’s legit; don’t argue) to the extremes, so when I was out in the Sun for my run today at noon, it was like all my energy and mood and motivation and everything just got completely topped off, so I’m AWESOME!!! Bouncing off the walls almost. I’m like Birdman, not the (terrible) rapper, the super hero. AND IF ANYONE MAKES SOME SUPERMAN COMMENT, WE WILL HAVE A SITUATION ON OUR HANDS!! Superman sucks… but onto what’s happened in the past 2weeks.

So I had my sinus surgery. I told everyone I’d be fine and back to training and everything, but no one believed me but the doc. So I was on a ‘recovery’ week, which really just translates to my coach saying, ‘even slower than I’m forcing you to go now, Josho'(it’s a Matrix thing; you wouldn’t understand. and all that changes because I have my run test Thursday. I want sub 6:30 pace. That should be good(evil laugh)). So that was more painful than anything that came with the surgery. The great part about it though, I could breathe so much better, that I felt like I had an O2 mask on my head. I even almost passed out my first swim, so I switched to breathing less, and was fine. It let me smell more too. Like our sponsor SBR Sports products! The lotion so that I don’t actually grow scales post my 5x weekly swim(and I used to LOATHE swimming); DELICIOUS!! I may have THOUGHT about tasting it…JUST thought about it! The same thing happened again(breathing way better) when I went in to find out WHY exactly I had blood pooling in my ear. I figured it was just the only place it could go, but I’m not an ENT, so I wasn’t going to leave that alone…for more than 4days… So I went, and I was right. It’s kinda rare, but not a bad thing. I guess I’m just special that way. The sponges to help clotting and such were pulled out, and WOW! I still feel like I’ve never breathed before. And I’m sleeping better; well until the anxiety stuff interferes, but that’s gone, or at least on the way out.


Um… what next…moving I guess? I moved out. I should probably be more excited, but I don’t think it’s really set in yet, or than things are as set in stone yet with school and stuff I need, and roomies; the usual moving junk. I can tell you that I have all my main stuff here; bed, clothes, TV. The important stuff. (it’s not bare, there’s more stuff, but for me, those are my 3 NEEDS) It’s up in Kennesaw, literally 3minutes from the KSU campus. That’s great, because I’ll be there in the fall. What’s not great is that I don’t know the places to ride and run around here. And I’m right in between 75, and 575, a mile in each direction, so I can’t head out all clipped in. But, only being 20 minutes from Columns, or like 30 from SCT, it’s all good. I’m going to email the KSU athletic director later and let him know who I am, and that I’ll be around a lot, and that I need routes. And to use the pool instead of driving 15-20minutes to one. I’m pretty sure KSU has a tri team/club, so I may just find the head of that. I’m really social if I get to talk tri 🙂 MAYBE IT’S A GIRL!!! Oh…one can wish. (she’s probably rides a red bike; Tony… as a test. Damn it). Also; if you are, or know someone(preferably an athlete and/or college kid) who’s moving up here and needs a place to live, tell me. I’ll do a kind of interview; I don’t need Stev-O moving in.

SOOOOOO….My bike then! I got my Kestrel AIRFOIL SL assembled, fitted,(all by All3Sports and their awesome mechanics) and on the road last week! And we’ve had a few rides since then. Guess what… SHE’S SO FAST!! And the fact that she’s way more aggressive makes her a little squirrelly. I’m still getting used to the set up, and handling, but I can tell you that I broke 27MPH on a 80% effort, which was really like a 7RPE because there’s such a crazy good power transfer in the ULTREGA crank set that came on it. My old moderate effort, is almost my easy effort now. It’s crazy. AND, the OVAL (pretty) aero wheels, and lack of a seat tube, give it such a smooth ride. She’s KSU colors too, so that’ll be fun if I get involved(or start) anything tri-ish over there. Cassia also means that I’m selling Bella, my 52cm FELT B16 with Shimano Semi-aero wheels who was only ridden for last season and this just past off season. If you, or someone you know, is interested, shoot me an email and offer, because Bella goes on Craig’s List this weekend.

School just started, and I’m taking Humanities, Bio, and Anatomy and Physiology. All of which the only issue is learning vocab. I’ve hurt enough things, and studied(in my path to become a coach) enough to know where most of the muscles and other tissues are when I hear a name. Or at least get close by breaking the word into it’s Latin parts. And Bio is just like high school, and all I do in there is think of ‘Billy Madison’, so that’s lots of fun. Humanities are fun, especially because I use training as a way to work through ideas, and I love people watching. All fun this quarter. Who want’s to see a 4.0 again?!?! I DO! I DO!!

I kinda think that’s all. The only other big thing is signing up for the 5150 series finale race in Clearwater FL in mid November. I’m getting a 2012 5150 Championship spot. OOOOOOOoooooo…Iss gonna gets me one of those >:). So that’s everything. I didn’t disappear, I’ve just been busy. Maybe I can calm down while I figure out what to eat tonight

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