Frantic doesn’t really explain how my head and life has been since my last post. “You’re 22! How can you have that much stress?!” Well A&P is kicking my ass. My humanities class is not a GPA cushioning class. Being social is non-existent. I sleep weird hours and rarely in my bed. And with the first race of the season, even with it being a “C” race, Saturday, with a lot of school deadlines Sunday at midnight, I’m kinda stressed. Or anxious. Probably both. And my next 2 weeks look the same…or worse…
So school first. Anatomy & Physiology (A&P), is more complex than I expected. Not so much in the sense that I thought our bodies and the way they function are simple, but that there’s  hella info, and it’s all being shoved down my throat in 6weeks because I’m on quarter system. And a lot of my grade is lab practicals. This wouldn’t be so bad if my teacher didn’t give us the last 2 hours of class each day for “open lab time”. She goes over her notes in lecture, but doesn’t explain anything. “Bones have osteoblasts, osteoclasts, and …” “Skin is made up of layers.” And that’s all we get… I understand this is college, but a little bit of explanation would be great. Not even a minute on what the lab is on, but we do get a list of the bold face words from the text. Thanks…I could have figured out the bolds are important; they have been since I started using text books. So thank God I test well; that landed me a C on the first exam. High above the course average. Not great, but acceptable for a first exam. The lab…yeah…we’re just not going to talk about that. So it seems that for my lab on Monday I’ll be committing every picture in the text of the integumentary system to memory, because the only thing I know I’ll need is the bold words…
Now for my SUPPOSED cushion class; Humanities. Pretty pictures, art, poems, ideas, religion, philosiphisers (fil-los-i-fise-ers); right? Oh no… Not at all. Not with a teacher who tells you that your interpretation of a piece is wrong because it conflicts with her ideas. Isn’t that the point of a discussion? Yeah; thought so. That’s why I called her out on it. And after that she dropped it, and hasn’t told anyone they’re wrong since. Though she is still making it more difficult than it should be, mostly by her lack of info given in lecture. She talks about her cats a lot; how they’re attention whores(aren’t all cats? I loathe cats; just FYI), and how they’re her best friends… She’s kind of a crazy cat lady. That’s great and all, but it would be great if you actually went over the chapters. Glad I didn’t listen to you when you said we wouldn’t need the text; I’d fail without it. Right now she has us making a timeline on a person in the text; I’m doing the guy who became The Buddha. Sidahartha Guatemala or something. I’m thrilled; can’t you tell?
Bio is going well though. We missed a week of class from the teacher being sick, but that’s ok. It’s seriously high school bio; not a difficult class. So there’s my school rants.
I don’t exist socially. I hung out with these two kids that live below me last week, and got a pretty sick tan…and by tan I mean sunburn with 2nd degree burns. And these kids are the epitome of…I don’t even know the words. Let me just put it this way: ‘sobriety’ isn’t a word I’d use to describe them at all. I don’t do that anymore; not with school and racing and my wreck, so I don’t hang with them anymore. I’m also 4, almost 5, years older than them; just found that out a couple days ago. Yeah; I’m trying to get my life in order and under control and grow up(enough that I’m doing well in school and work and racing; I’m still going to laugh at fart jokes though), you two call me when you realize…I’m just going to stop before I start yelling. 
Being non(not anti) social means no girls too. I’d usually freak out over that, I seem to have a Jerry Maguire complex, but I’m ok with it. And I’m kind of enjoying training, going to school, training, then doing nothing and trying to unwind. Not really helping my sleep though. That’s probably the stress from the above stuff and racing this weekend.
YAY!!!! Tri season, well I guess that’s been going on for awhile, but tri RACE season starts Saturday. That’s tomorrow. It’s a C race, and really it’s more of a test to see where I am, but it should be fun. It’s the first Tri The Parks Series race at John Tanner State Park. It’s a sprint, 600m swim, 13.something mile bike, 5k run. Aiming for 1:05. I’m excited and anxious about it. I need to clean and lube Casia(it’s my bike, but you know you stopped for a second when you read that), shave, pack, and sleep. The last one is the only real issue. And I need to remove all the stress I can today so that I can sleep tonight.
So with that, I’m off to do my project, take a test, write a ‘journal’ for Humanities, and then swim. I’ll have a full race report by Sunday. Peace out (girlscout).

3 thoughts on “Frantic

  1. Good luck at the race on Sat!

    “Not with a teacher who tells you that your interpretation of a piece is wrong because it conflicts with her ideas.”

    ha! Welcome to the wonderfully liberal world of academia!

  2. Oh Josh, welcome to my world, LOL! Only I’ve got 11 years on my peers, and my “social life” consists of a 2 year old and a 4 year old, haha! But seriously, it’s worth it in the end, even through all of the eyeball rolling at your peers and their antics, and the crazy cat woman professors! Hang in there!

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