Oh Yeah… I Guess That Was a PR at Rev3 Knoxville

I had a…no I didn’t have a hiatus; race season is here. Why would I expect that?! I spent this past weekend at my first Rev3 event, and it lives on far past it’s reputation. It was also the first time I got to meet a lot of my TRAKKERS teamies, but I’ll go ahead and admit that I switched and exchanged names a lot. If we could have just gone by our Twitter handles, I would have been golden. All in all though, it was an awesome weekend. Went a little something like this.

Friday morning swim focused on speed pickups, a shower with all of my SBR products so I didn’t have to hear my mom say, “You smell like a pool”, when she knows I just swam on our way to Knoxville, and to my parents house to pick up the teams surprises, and my mom, and we were off. 3.5 hours in the car, even in stand still traffic due to crazy hard rain or accidents seems shorter when you’re spending the whole time laughing. By the time we were in Tennessee, my smile muscles hurt; it’s mostly from my mom and I just poking fun at each others misfortunes and our own. The summer I spent 2 weeks with one wrist casted up and stitches on my other hand(most of which I popped out when I slammed my own hand in the door as soon as we got home) will always be funny. Ever tried to use the bathroom without the use of either hand? Anyway; 3.5 hours later, we’re in Knoxville, and after getting my race packet for the Rev3 Knoxville Olympic race, and finally meeting MB(who’s even more hyper and awesome in person than her emails since that’s all I’ve had the past few months), my mom and I went to downtown Knoxville to eat super sushi at Nama, then to see Thor at the theatre. Decent flick; not my favorite hero. Bed by 10. And now my race report before I get to the really cool things I saw at the venue:

{{{Friday night I made sure I got a clean dinner(sushi) and then saw Thor. Then as much sleep as possible. 6ish hours of deep melatonin induced sleep like normal, and woke up feeling great. Saturday I woke up and went through my morning routine, and went with TRAKKERS to meet and greet and do the OWS. Then the ride and run with you. From there we went and ate, and from there my mom and I walked around Gay street for awhile, then I went back to my room, put on my recovery boots and took a nap for a couple of hours. Then the athlete meeting, and then Priest at the theatre again, and dinner at 630. Bed around 10-1030, and up at 420ish for the race.

Ultragen shake for breakfast, normal routine, and then to transition. Toilet, set up, run, to the dock, toilet, and then the swim start. Honestly did not kick…at all. The wetsuit is so supportive and buoyant, that when I kick, 75% of my kick is out of the water my hips are up so high. Need more OWS and wetsuit time. I spotted well, and eased into the swim building speed. Went from feet/hip to feet/hip, and every time I noticed someone passing me, I’d surge and stay with them until theyd slow or I just couldn’t hold the pace. Still stayed on feet and hips. May have swam somewhat wide the second buoy, but I kept it hard the whole swim. Hopped up on the dock, saw it took me 30 minutes, cursed a lot, and ran to T, tearing my toe. Quick T, considering I had to run the full length in and out, and flying mount at the line.

Rode hard, kept it under control, max, or right above, max sustainable effort, and then hit the hill. Hard climbs. Granny gears, but focused on steady strokes. Picked of people like my usual plan, and attacked the whole way. Feathered a lot on the technical descents(and this wasn’t considered a technical bike; Portland is. Slightly worried) because of blind curves. Knew my toe was bleeding, didn’t care, total focus and internal dialogue and drinking EFS. Flying dismount at the line, run full length to my T spot, fought to get my bike in the rack, and up the stairs one by one.

Took me until about mile one to really get my legs, and then I pushed the whole race. Water at every station, 100k worth of First Endurance liquid shot mixed with PRERACE spread out over the whole run. Felt like my strides werent as long as they should has been. Also noticed my shoe turning red, but stayed focused. Zoned out everyone, and picked people off far ahead. Guy stayed on my heel from the 2nd mile, and used me as a pacer, and that just made me want to push harder. Stayed at that max sustainable pace, focused, telling myself to push more. Felt myself start to fall apart at mile 5, pushed harder. Got to the top of the hill right before the finish, tried to sprint, but couldn’t. It was there, but it was like I couldn’t get the gears to shift. Watch people shift to that gear, and pass me, but just couldn’t get it any faster. (possible PR 10k including open 10k’s){{{It was; by 3 minutes}}}

Finished, recovery shake, med tent for my toe, shower, compression, clean clothes, then packed my truck, walked to T to get my bike, packed that, then down to the finish to wait on you. Walked a total of about 1.5 miles after the race for spread around an hour to keep blood flowing. Saw you, left soon after, whole wheat pasta and chicken at Macaroni Grill, drive home, big salad w/chicken and brown rice sushi for dinner, compression on for ~11 hours, and feet up now. Lots of water. Should probably be asleep, strangely not tired. Maybe it’s because I’m not as fast as I want, or didn’t hit my marks.

I pulled the trigger right on today; if it was off it was just barely. I Know it’s barely been 2 years that I’ve been in this sport, but I want this so bad. There were 3 kids in my AG that beat pro’s OA times. I want that. I know we’re doing this right, I’m faster than ever, but i know I’m faster than what I’m showing right now. Patience; 4 year plan; I understand and respect all that, but I’m my toughest critic, and my only one, and I’m not ok with myself unless I’m the best at what I do every time I do it. I’ve always been like that; especially in sport. Maybe this is a kick in the ass I didn’t know I needed for Quassy and Clearwater, but either way it’s focused me more and made me even more serious. If I’m not finishing where i want now with the focus and discipline I have, then I need to ramp it up.

Do you understand what I’m saying; how I feel?}}}(just an FYI, the toe isn’t that badjust like road rash/blister)

I’m kinda tough on myself. Though I did set a PR(2:28:37 with 30/1:10/45 splits largely thanks to my coach, First Endurance, TYR, AVIA, and Kestrel, and while looking good in our Canari/BettyDesigns kits) on that course, the hardest oly I’ve done, by 8minutes. My coach noticed that; I was still trying to figure out why I feel like I’m still being held back. Have to figure out how to unlock the door to that next level; we’ll see in 3 weeks in Quassy.

Here’s the really cool stuff I saw at the race. The pros, literally within arms length, and super approachable. Talked to Courtenay Brown, a TRAKKERS pro, but sadly missed my photo op with her 😥 She’s already told me that I can get one in Portland, so it’s all good. Next; the girl who finished the race in a…well i don’t know what it was, kind of like a Cattrike, but here’s the story. This girl was in a car wreck a couple years ago, and suffered major brain damage. She did triathlons before, and wanted to keep doing them, so while she pedals, she has some family push and pull her along the course. It’s amazing. Even as focused as I was, you still notice people like that. ‘inspiration’ doesn’t cover it, and it hit especially close to home because of my history from almost 3 years ago now. It was amazing. One other really cool thing was this…That’s all candy!!! Sadly i didn’t get any because we went before the race, and didn’t have time after, but wow… If we had gone after…CAV-I-TIES!!! The last…MY TEAMIES!! Due to MB’s picking ability, the first morning a lot of us met, we all kind of melded on the .5 mile walk to the practice swim. And everyone is awesome. The dynamics of them all makes the group super well rounded, and even with the short amount of time I spent with them, I can tell they’re great people. And the support the ones that were volunteering on course gave was great. I’m sure Laura heard what I said about the stairs going both up and down them, and when Carole started cheering on the run my pace dropped a good :45. I love this group, and feel beyond honored to be a part of it.

More laughing on the way home with mom, aka world’s numero uno sherpa/support crew, and finally to bed around 11 for an hour, then from 12-545. I really wish my body could sleep in. So now I’m sitting here finishing this week’s school work, in my Recovery Pump, recovering, because tomorrow the build for this season’s first A race starts. Quassy is in less than 3 weeks, and I’m going to make sure I empty it all out on those hills. I’ll see you in 3 weeks!

6 thoughts on “Oh Yeah… I Guess That Was a PR at Rev3 Knoxville

  1. Awesome race report man. Especially with torn up feet like that. You’ve got a great season ahead of you.

  2. Congratulations on a great race!!! PRs are always awesome! Great to meet you (however briefly) on the walk to race start on Sunday! Hopefully we will get all the ATL / GA folks together soon!

  3. Your comment about my spill into the river cracked me up!

    Congratulations on a great race. Celebrate but then take that passion and use it toward your training and in your next race. Great to meet you!

  4. It was great meeting you. You had a fantastic race… and yes, you are hard on yourself, but that’s how we get better! 🙂

    That toe looks so sore. You sure didn’t let it stop you though! Love it!

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