I Found a Friend

This is the big build week before my first A race of the season, Rev3 Quassy, which is only 10 days away now. There’s been a few sessions at max sustainable pace this week. After not training with a HR monitor or power meter ect my first 2 seasons, I’ve learned to really listen to my body, and honed my RPE scale. That means that those maximal sustainable pace sessions are my favorite. There’s something about running (and now that I can focus) and feeling your lungs catch fire and getting tunnel vision while the echo of a machine gun sounding heart beat echos in your head. It’s euphoric, but all those high intensity sessions mean that recovery has to be taken seriously. With the help on First Endurance Ultragen and Recovery Boots, I can keep pushing my training. Throw in some strictly aerobic zone2 (uhhgggg…)runs, and even some run:walk sessions to stay in z2 (UUUHHHHGGGGG) to let me reset mentally, and I’m back at 100% for that next session. It makes it even better when you find a friend on your run.

His name is Shaka Zulu, and he’s an antelope. He goes by Z. If you know anything about the real Shaka, you know he was kind of a hard ass. So Z will now be my triathlon mascot, making sure I complete each sess with pin-point precision to the prescription. I found him on the side of the road during my long run yesterday, and then he joined me for the last hour. I think he’ll help me stay mentally focused this last week and a half before Quassy. And that’s important since I have 2 weeks left of the quarter in school, and my head wants to check out to reboot academic wise. It’s important to stay focused, and not lose it, or I may end up doing something crazy…something like befriending inanimate objects, and giving them full backstories and humanistic character traits. And that’s something crazy people do…

Penny for your thoughts...

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