PSA: My “No $h!t Sherlock” Moment

A lot of my TRAKKERS teamies have posted blogs lately of public service announcements; most of which are about sunscreen. I’m not going to write about sunscreen, because if you’ve seen any of my tweets with the word  ‘sunscreen’ in them lately, it’s been preceded or immediately followed by ‘sunburn’…which is usually coupled by ‘MAJOR’. So wear your sunscreen or cover up. My PSA is something I learned about our sport this morning.

Jamie, a TRAKKERS teammate of mine, wrote a few weeks ago about how we need to wash out arm pads on our aero bars…or we’ll get a nasty rash from dirty pads. Kind of a N.S.S. moment, but probably still something none of us really think about. I know I hadn’t before I read his post (read it at Well I had never thought about washing/cleaning my HR monitor besides the strap until this morning, and even then only once the strap is so encased in old sweat it’s now part of the limited edition ‘White Version’. After having my HR read everything from zone1 while running a sub 6minute mile(how freakin sweet would that be?!), to my HR dropping when I ran hills, and then jumping to high zone5 during my 10minute pace warm ups. I couldn’t figure it out. Why was it doing this? I’ve only had the HR monitor and watch for like 4 or 5 months?! WTH?! I’d reset the watch, replaced the batteries, and scoured the Garmin forums finding nothing. Well this morning before my last run before Rev3 Quassy on Saturday(IM SO EXCITED!!!), I just looked at the monitor. I noticed something, and it only popped out because I had just read an article on bike maintenance that mentioned corrosion due to sweat. The snaps where the monitor actually clips together with the strap, were orange. Theirs supposed to be silver. I had rusted my HR monitor… Then somewhere in my inner memory banks, I pulled out that toothpaste, because of the fluoride I believe, removes rust. Toothpaste and my electric toothbrush(yeah; the same one I brush with. Toothpaste kills the germs, so it’s all good), and to scrubbing I went. Maybe a 2minutes later, the snaps were shiny silver again. And then on my run, there was accurate readings, no jumping, and the relief that I would have more tools than just RPE Saturday in Quassy.

PSA: clean ALL of gear. Not just washing your kit after a couple uses, or wiping down your bike; ALL of it. Clean toys work smoothly; keep everything shining. 

4 thoughts on “PSA: My “No $h!t Sherlock” Moment

  1. Haha. I feel like triathletes should just throw EVERYTHING we own into a bleach soaked washing machine at least once a month.

    We are a pretty nasty group of people…

  2. Good PSA! Um… you might want to invest in a cheapo toothbrush though in the future. Although, you’re right… toothpaste kills germs.

    Maybe Jamie is on to something – we’re a nasty group of people!

  3. I haven’t washed the arm rest and probably should. I’m pretty good about keeping my gear clean especially the bike. The one thing I do every so often is bleach my water bottles. I wash them after every use with soap, but the cap needs some special attention. If it’s black you won’t see it, but if it’s light colored, you’ll see the build up of mold and other nasty stuff. I’m surprised I haven’t been sick, maybe I’ve just built up some tolerance. Anyway, pour a little bit of bleach and fill with water, shake the bottle, rinse (I actually let it sit overnight to make sure it really kills everything) and wash again with soap just to make sure you remove any taste of bleach.

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