Where Would I be if…

Maybe it was because of the heat on my t-run on Saturday after my flats fiasco (READ THAT STORY HERE), but I had a chance to be completely isolated. To be alone with my thoughts because training slows my mind. After all; I started running for that exact reason after my wreck. I had a couple thoughts… I’m going to call these regrets for lack of a better word in this post. I’m not talking regrets as in something that you sit and mope over letting it ruin your life. I can only think of really extreme examples, so I’ll keep them to myself, but I’m sure you get the idea. No; instead I’m talking about things like this: “I wish I wouldn’t have just taken the minimum years of Spanish in high school so that I could be able to have a full conversation in it now.” I wish that because I want to study abroad once I get my kinesiology degree, to focus on my other schoolings, and I’m thinking Barcelona. Or Madrid. Another is I wish I would have kept at guitar. I took lessons twice and quit a couple weeks in both times. I told myself after my wreck I’d learn Spanish and to play, but those are both a lot harder than I though, so they’re taking some time. The two most important things I “regret”? Not taking school seriously forcing myself to play catch up for…pretty much 3 years now. Still working forward the degrees I want, just on an extended timeline. And number two is sticking with swim team when I was 10, and track my freshman year in high school. I swam one season, then quit, and quit track preseason because I was a sprinter (played running back and kick return in high school if you didn’t know), and I didn’t like the fact that we had a 2mile warm up everyday… Irony is funny; look at what I do now and my dreams in triathlon 🙂 I’d be closer to those dreams if I’d stayed with those 2 disciplines; just makes me push harder now. So what little choices in your life do you wish you could change? And where would you be now if you could change them?…and would you really change them if you could…?

One thought on “Where Would I be if…

  1. I would change so much. But then would I be the same person that I am? And maybe the only reason you know you would have changed things is that now you can look back and see why life would have been “better” had you done those things. This is good stuff Josh. Keep digging.

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