Catch Up

There’s quite a few things that have happened lately, and with the trip to the NW regions of the country in less than 6hours, I need to get this typed. One would think that 6days in Montana would give me plenty of time to type and write (actually write; not blog), but my grandparents’ house in Montana doesn’t have internet (!!!) and rarely cell service (!!!!!!!). The good thing about that though? I’ll tell you that at the end; here’s what’s happened.

First thing; a couple weeks ago I raced my second event in the Tri The Parks series here in GA. I missed the 2nd race in the series because I was racing Rev3 Quassy, With 6races in the series, and only needing to compete in 4 to get series points, I’m still going to be in the series points running. Long race report short, I raced at like 96%m 100% being a perfect race, and placed 2nd in my AG. That’s the same place I took in the first TTP race this season. I felt pretty solid the whole race, including the swim where I came out somewhat towards the front, a step behind my coach. 90second run to T1, ran past my bike (fail), and flying mount DOWNHILL (pretty sure the same person who decided stairs were a good idea in the Chattanooga Waterfront tri came up with that idea). Passed my coach about a mile into the bike, and came in to T2 with an UPHILL flying dismount towards the top 20 in the race. Quick T2, pretyy hilly 21:51 5k, and yet another reminder that if I could figure out this whole running down hill thing. I’d cut a full minute of my 5k times. I watched the guy I was gaining on slip from a step ahead to 10 on the descents; I dunno… I haven’t figured it out. 1:14:47 total, 20/303 OA. (beat my coach too ๐Ÿ™‚ And back to Rev3 Portland training the next day ๐Ÿ™‚

Then last Thursday, my GI tract just stopped working. I thought my appendix had burst from the pain and where it hurt, and after a terrible 24 hours at Kennestone(on the 3year anniversary of being admitted there for my wreck) and then 6 at St. Joseph’s Saturday…I was cleared, and they didn’t see anything wrong. I’ll spare you the details of what exactly went on, but leave it at my GI tract was only working at like 50%. I ran, not raced, Peachtree on the 4th. Kept it easy, held aboud a 8min pace the whole time, but had to run it just to run. I was happy just to be able to run after the hospital visits, and maybe it was because I needed a slap of humility and to be reminded to be happy I CAN run was the whole reason it happened. I’ve had 2 trips to the GI doc in the last 2 days, and tests done, and he sees nothing wrong. I also feel like a 9/10 compared to the 3/10 I was hovering at earlier.

So back to the upcoming trip. I race the first half iron distance in almost a year on Sunday at Rev3 Portland. I’ve hit all my ket sessions, and my coach doesn’t see any drop from the days I had to do nothing or take it really easy when i was sick, so I’ll have a damn good race in a couple days. I’m keeping my mouth shut this time about what I think my splits and OA time will be, but I’ll post something before I leave for Montana Monday. While I’ll have miles and miles to ride and run in every direction in Montana, I’ll be completely disconnected. Very spotty cell coverage, no internet, and family fun time… not that I mind the later, but I’ve been tole the activities that are ‘planned’. One of which is horseback riding(LOATHE horses; even more so riding them), and flyfishing. Yeah; I can’t sit still for 10minutes…being a statue in freezing mountain run off for extended period of time to catch a fish I just have to throw back isn’t on my to-do list. What are you going to do though?

It’s been kinda rough, and while my dream vacay is more of a few weeks of nothing but wide open spaces(with internet) to swim bike and run, I’ll still get to do that a lot. My Avi-STOLTZ, Camelback, and some bear-mace; that’s what I’ll be using for my vacation fun. And yeah; I did saw bear mace… It’s necessary when there been mountain lions just chillin on the front porch of the house you’re staying in… ok; bear mace and a sword. That’s a little better

One thought on “Catch Up

  1. Good luck Josh! Go kill Portland. But be nice to the bears and mtn lions. ๐Ÿ™‚

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