The Air’s Crisper Up The Mountain

View from the Bozeman airport

I’m not someone who’s favorite get away is out in nature, away from the sounds of the city. In fact; most of the time you’d hear me complain about it when that’s my destination. It was no different when I was getting ready for Mcallister Montana, my next stop in the northwest after Portland. There wasn’t a lot of complaining per say, but definitely not any excitement. I needed the escape though (or so my coach told me knowing I’d argue I didn’t need a week off), so off to a place where my 360* view is nothing but mountains, trees, sky, rivers and lakes, with a few dots of deer and antelope every so often.

To keep this somewhat short (I promise I’ll try) because I have an awesome array of pictures to go with my running up the mountain story that come later, I’m just going to give you the outline of what went down out west. We, my mom and I, flew into the Bozeman/Montana airport Monday afternoon post Rev3 Portland. After disembarking, and walking the all of 100meters from terminal to parking lot (yeah; it is that small), we packed into my grandfather’s pick up with my brothers and dad. About an hour later, we pulled into the beautiful property, and “The Barn” where we were staying. I say “The Barn”, because it is a barn, with horse stalls and all on the ground floor, but full amenities and a couple HD flat-screens…so not really a barn 🙂  After dinner down the road; I hit my (extremely uncomfortable) bed for the night.

Morning view off the back
Morning view straight out from 'the barn'

I rode the mountain bike the next morning (the only time), a kids sized bike, and made a 45minute ride into a 1:15 ride because I passed the road where the property was. It’s hard to find places when everything is mountains and trees and grass, and no landmarks, and I get lost easy…so… It was expected. After that we drove an hour into town to meet up with our fishing guides and buy fishing licenses. About 2hours after that, we (me and 2 of my brothers and our guide) were in the boat for a 5-ish hour fly fishing trip. As much as I hate fishing, fly fishing was fun. Not being able to sit still paid off since I stood and whipped the line back and forth, catching a total of 7fish (with a 19inch brown trout) the whole time. Easy dinner that night, but between the half in Portland, and the fishing trip, I was starving. That led to two things…

Thing one is me eating a lot; one food being cereal. Now I don’t eat grains besides rice (is rice a grain..?) and oatmeal (or oatmeal..?) because I feel like it just sits in my stomach. And number two, which is from (over) eating, is that my stomach did what it did a couple weeks ago that landed me in the ER. I had eaten a salad with a good bit of nuts, another food I just don’t eat, the night before my initial ER visit. And with all the GI issues running rampant in my family, a couple food allergies like gluten and nuts in un-small servings really wouldn’t surprise me. Good thing to learn, and I has an appointment Monday to see if those are the reasons for my issues. The bad thing however; was that I slept in the car while my family went and explored some cave. But I can live with missing spelunking if it means an answer to my GI shenanigans. After the drive back to my home for the week, I went straight to the couch to sleep off the pain, then moved to the bed.

It seemed to work, because the next morning I had a fartlek down the mountain with easy sub 7/miles. Seems like hitting the reset button during this transition week like Tony told me to happened from the 16hours of sleep the day before. Maybe that’s all I needed before Rev3 Portland, something to show me even though I was in the ER I was still me, something to re-instill my confidence, something to just slide back into place. Wether that was it or not, I felt better than I had in weeks. After the run, my family and I drove to town for breakfast before driving to Big Sky to ride the zip lines. I was more excited to do the ropes course, but that required reservations and other bs, so it was just a zip line day. It’s a lot of fun though riding them across valleys between mountains, and even more fun to flip inside down while you do it. With the 2hours it takes to go one way, and the hour and a half or so of zipping around, that was all the fun for that day.





Friday was spent by a short 4mile run just past this warning sign, and seeing a bear track that wasn’t there on my way up the mountain, and then running down REALLY fast back down. 25minutes for 2 miles up, turn around, see the track, and 12minutes down to the house… Then lounging around doing nothing (actually recovering for Saturday’s fun) the rest of the day. Although that night I went down with the whole family, grandparents, cousins, friends, to learn from the neighbor that the track was a raccoon’s… Yeah…so apparently raccoons scrape their paws when the walk as a way to scare off other animals because they think the print is from a bigger animal. Nice trick; it works.

The center print; it's bigger than it looks

The print was well bigger that my hard, so I’m pretty sure this was a mutant, king of the mountain, 87lb raccoon anyway, but still. It’s a little embarrassing saying I busted out 5:30/min miles running from a raccoon. If only I was being stalked by some crazy wild animal during my races; yeah?

Saturday the plan was to run up the mountain, but that’s a really cool story, and a post in of itself, so you’ll have to wait for that one. I’ll just say that we left at 11:30 to drive to the tiny airport, and I’m typing this on my phone right now.

We should land in ATL in about 3hours now, and after getting all our bags from baggage claim, driving to my parents to get my truck, driving to my grandparent’s to pick up Cassia, and then to my apartment…it’s going to be after 9. That’s ok though, because I needed this week as much as I fought it at the beginning. On tap for this week? Selling my truck and getting a car with better gas milage, though that should be pretty easy since my truck gets 15… And getting a dog; I’m thinking a whippet with the crazy coat that makes it look kinda like a striped hyena. His name shall be Spartacus…I think; I haven’t decided on a name whole-heartedly yet. Doctor to get this GI crap figured out (pun intended), and figure out what’s going on with KSU. Of course training is back to 110% again tomorrow, and TTP Mistletoe is Saturday. Going for broke here and placing above 2nd AG like I have in the last two TTP races. Yup…diving in full force as soon as I open my eyes open tomorrow, and I feel like a stronger more resilient person that any time in my past after this week. Let’s see where this new attitude takes me.

2 thoughts on “The Air’s Crisper Up The Mountain

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Despite all the moaning the trip didn’t turn out that bad, did it? Looked beautiful out there and the air is different and just makes things better. Glad you are feeling refreshed to take on the next tri coming up. Good Luck!!!

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip! Glad you had a chance to recharge! From the sound of your week plans you are going to need the extra energy!! Good luck with your puppy plans!!

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