Give Me City Lights and Sounds While I Run…51 Weeks A Year

It’s been a week since my trip to Montana, but I still haven’t shared my run up the mountain with you. By far my favorite part of the trip, and the part I have the least amount of words to describe. If pictured are worth 1000 words though, then this will be my longest post. This may be more of a slide show with captions than a blog, but I can’t describe it as well as these pictures will.

Here's the view around the first bend in the road looking back toward the house on my trek up the monutain










I started my trek the morning of the day we were leaving at about 6:30. Left with a full waterpack, my bear mace

Yes; that is bear mace

, and my phone playing music. No earphones because I was told by the locals that the further up I went, the more likely I was to run into something that early in the morning, so I left the earphones at the house so at least I wouldn’t get snuck up on.



The first animals I saw on my run were cows. All tagged by whoever they belong to, but no fences (or maybe they escaped?) so they can roam. And then be sold for more cash since they’re free-range. Funny thing though… There were two full grown cows, and two young(er) ones. Now when the younger ones saw me, and I got within ~20 meters, they took off; the other two just stared at me as I passed. I didn’t like the way they stared at me though, and it seems I was right in reading their stares. Now I was running up the mountain, at this point anyway, but I’m a much better climber than a cow.

Ever been chased by a cow?

. I’m adding cows to animals I can outrun if need be.




Now here’s my view for the next couple hours up the mountain. No animals, and I don’t know if I should feel cheated or blessed I didn’t see any bears, moose, or mountain lions (oh my!), but great views all the way up.

This was the average grade; 7%.
Real moose tracks, not ice cream

And it was quite a way up.



Right before it gets really technical, there’s an old abandoned mine. And yeah; I did kinda feel like if I had been at this point at night I’d be in a really bad horror movie, or in a Scooby Doo episode.

This is a view from the top of the site

This is also the last sign of civilization.


Then it gets technical, and all the rain we had that week washed away most of the snow on the mountain, except at the top of the mountain (but that’s a little later), so I had to cross a few impromptu creeks. My AVIA Stoltz performed wonderfully, as well as using my dexterity from playing running back to good use jumping from rock to rock.


And then, ~2:30 hours of 4000 feet in climbing up 4%-17% gradient later, I reach the top. I think it was worth it.





Here’s just a few of the pictures from on top of the mountain.





AVIA ad?


Then it was only a little over an hour back down with these views




Then my “ice bath”

I think this was what really reset my head and body. It all payed off, my race results from this weekend prove that. I’ll have that post up in a couple days.

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