Some of the (lesser) Important Recent Happenings

There’s a good bit of change that’s happened lately that I haven’t said anything about. I’m going to break up these things into two different posts so that it’s overly long. So here’s the non-life changing ones.

First, I sold my F150. I loved my truck, but 14mpg wasn’t going to cut it anymore. During race season, I have to fill up about every 4 days. 22 gallon tank, 14mpg; that’s about 300 miles per fill up, or 80$ per 300 miles. If it’s race week, I have to fill up the morning I leave for the race, then when i get back a couple days later. I was getting a little tired of people calling asking me to help then move junk too. SO… I sold my truck, and bought a Honda CRZ.  It’s a little different from a full size pickup, huh? But I get 48mpg on my trips, and at least 35 around town. Not to mention it’s kinda quick, with the same suspension set up as Formula 1 racers so it handles like a go-kart. And switch it to sport mode with it’s paddle shifters and you can have a little fun in it. It’s a hybrid, so there’s no sub-4 second 0-60 time like you’d get with a Porsche, but I’d get in WAY too much trouble in that. There’s always the Suzuki GSX I can stare at (for now), and get into trouble on (later on ;).

Next is something else I bought…maybe bought is a bad word choice. I adopted a dog last week. His name is Zipps, and while he’s still a little (really) skittish from where ever he came from before being rescued from the pound, and then coming home with me, he’s getting better.  This is a picture from the first few days he was here, up on the bed, but ON HIS SIDE!! He now must sleep on my side, pretty much in my spot, on top of me. Yeah yeah; I guess that means he likes me. But I like sleep, and it’s hard to sleep with a dog breathing in my ear. He is learning the meaning of, ‘scoot over’, so we’re doing pretty good. Really good when I mention that he doesn’t bark, doesn’t tear up stuff when I’m gone, and doesn’t use the apartment as a toilet. Though he does have some weird mannerisms, like he huddles in my lap when i watch a “scary” movie. An example yesterday being his shaking like a leaf on my chest while we watched ‘Hannibal’. Some say dogs can sense when something is wrong; maybe he senses the evil the movie is supposed to portray.

The last thing, that I think is on the line between important, and not so important, is the fact that I moved up to the ‘swimmer’ lanes at masters. Lanes 1-5 are triathletes, and they do lots of form work, and put in ~2500meters a session. The swimmers lanes are 4-10, and we’re putting in ~4k a session, the vast majority without any kind of toys or drills, and on little on no rest. The phrase, ‘0n 10 second rest’, has become an angel’s chorus in the mornings. And my (bad) shoulder is slowly coming around to the increase in distance, although it’s put up a bit of protest. I race this upcoming weekend, and then I’ll be able to tell you how much the swimming, and training with a PowerTap, pays off. I don’t need to cross my fingers on the payoff I’ll receive come Saturday; there’s been lots of growth already that shows in training.

That’s the lesser important stuff, but the real(er) important stuff is still to come. Those will be up in a bit, or maybe tomorrow depending on today’s activities.

2 thoughts on “Some of the (lesser) Important Recent Happenings

  1. Hey congrats on getting Zipps – you will not regret the decision. It takes some time for them to adjust, just be patient (sounds like you are) and he will come around. Who knows what he has been through, right? Sounds like you guys are off to an awesome start!

    I am getting a pup on the 13th.

    Good luck next weekend!

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