The (More) Important Things

This is late, I know, but here’s true second part of the last post. In pretty much bullet form.

Important Thing (IT) One: I’m back in school starting the 22nd. Which is good because I have way too much time on my hands. I’m taking Anatomy & Physiology, Pre-Calc, and US History. I’m at an all new campus too, so I get to meet new people… ok; girls. But before I get distracted, on to the next thing.

IT Number Two: I’m placed 2nd or 1st in my AG at 3 of the four Tri Blue Sky races I’ve had this season. The best three performances are counted towards your place in the series for the end of the series awards. I don’t know for sure, but I’m 99% positive I’m leading my AG. The race I didn’t place in was this past Saturday, which leads me to IT 2a. Getting comfortable in our sport is bad. I was doing well, and hitting my marks in training, but really just going through the motions. Proven on Saturday, when I watched the kid who took 3rd in my AG pass me with less than 2 miles to go on the run, and I didn’t respond. I didn’t want to get uncomfortable, and I was subconsciously thinking. “I’m winning my category; why should I push?” SEEE?! WTH?! Full report later. Coach Tony and I are working on that, and this next block of training should hurt. I’m going to learn how to be uncomfortable.

IT 3: I’m tired of being at 9% BF for the past 18months, so my nutritionist and I have a new plan. I’ll follow up on that in a few weeks.

IT 4: Remember when I wear sick? Well turns out I had a volvulus, and that’s because I have extra large intestine. Instead of an incomplete circle for a colon like I should I have, I have a mutation where I have extra, making it shaped more like a P, where you start at the top of the straight line, and have to retrace your steps to start the circular part. without getting gross, extra space, not everything gets emptied, intestine twists on it self. Nothing to do, totally a livable condition. IF something changes, then I’l; need surgery, but I’m betting against that.

Those are the things that actually have an effect on my life, hence the MORE part in the title. Now it’s off to masters, just to turn around and do it again in the am 10 hours later. Didn’t I say these next few weeks would hurt?

Penny for your thoughts...

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