Just Another Piece of Proof (Before I Take a Shower)

This may not apply to you mr or ms triathlete, but I know plenty of us that it does apply to. I wrote a while back about my HRM not working because the parts that read my HR were covered in a layer of old sweat. And a teammate wrote of the strange red bumps he got on his forearms because his aero-pads were well past the point of needing a wash. We (triathletes) are a dirty group. Maybe you don’t think you are, but can you really say you’ve never grabbed your still damp running shorts off the floor because you were in a rush to begin your tempo run? Or slipped into your cycling cleats only to hear them squish from all the sweat you left in them the day before? (just read Michael Lavato’s tweet from earlier today if you don’t believe me). Yeah…that’s what I thought. But I have an idea on why we’re like this…

This past weekend, I had quite a few friends and teammates go out to Kentucky and complete IRONMAN Louisville, and a couple of them had really rough days. The fact is that you’re going to have some (TONS) of sweat probably mixed with a little bit of chaffing, spit, snot, assorted other bodily fluids caked onto you by the time you finish those 140.6 miles. And even if your race went perfect (impossible btw), I’d bet the first thing on any finisher’s mind is, “I need to get out of these clothes and shower.” It’s more like, “I”M FREAKING AWESOME!!! NOW FIND ME SOME FOOD AND A BED BEFORE I EAT YOUR FACE AND CURL UP RIGHT HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!!!” If you think I’m kidding, hang out around the finishing chute of a full iron tri; I dare you. That leads me to why we really don’t care. We are able to push our bodies through such walls and limits, that when we get done, we really don’t care because of what we just did. Conversation: “You smell like chlorine and sweat.” “Yeah? Well come swim 4k in the pool then go run 11 miles and see if you smell like glitter and rainbows…” “I could never do that; I’m impressed!” “Sure you could! Let me talk to you about…” (and then we’ve converted another into our cult, I mean family… >:)

The way I came to this realization today? Masters swim at 545am, 45 second shower ONLY to rinse the chlorine out of my suit so it lasts longer, drive to Kennesaw mountain to run hills for over an hour resulting in dirt lines from my socks around my ankles, just to come home, throw some sushi down my throat, and get in bed for a nap still covered in dried sweat, dirt, and left over chlorine. How many of you are nodding your head right now saying, “Yup…I do that”? And how many of you are saying, “I rinse off….”? Yeah; doesn’t really count if there’s not soap and shampoo involved, so welcome to the club.

And now I must shower, because I have class in an hour, and I’m sure I need it. I may throw my sheets in the washer too…I should probably start doing that more often…

5 thoughts on “Just Another Piece of Proof (Before I Take a Shower)

  1. It’s because you get so focused! that is awesome. you know you have to be focused to be successful in whatever you do and love to do. Love the part about the sheets! That is your growing maturity showing! Can’t wait to share that with Doug! keep it up! love to read your thoughs.

  2. when i was stretching this morning i held my toes in my hands and was scraping dirt and skin off from last night’s 16 mile run. i have taken 2 showers since the run but i guess the soap isn’t working. 😛

  3. Reading that kind of makes me happy you no longer live in my basement. Not that your not welcome to visit but be clean and non smelly when you arrive.

  4. I’m a rabid shower-er. I get very dirty very often, but I also shower 3x a day very often.

    But somehow I still get aerobar rashes…..

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