Rev3Tri Racing Team 2012!!

I’m pretty sure by now that if you’ve ever visited my blog, you’ve seen the list of AMAZING sponsors I have linked on the side of my page. I’m sure you probably asked yourself how I got those sponsors, and learned I’m on the 2011 TRAKKERS team. If you read a little deeper, then you saw that TRAKKERS was a interlaced with the Revolution3 triathlon race series. Next year it will be the Rev3 Team, and you’ll get to promote the series…which is super easy because REV3 ROCKS!!! Don’t believe me? Google it; read slowtwitch…There’s a reason I take such pride in being on this team. Well now is the time for the 2012 race team applications, and I’m going to give you a link to it!! It’s a grade A team, with people, both team members and the Rev3 staff, that would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. I know that’s a tired and overused adage for giving people, but it’s true. They become a second family, and bring so much more to the game than just racing and training for PRs.

Interested? Follow this link, fill out the application, and email it in.

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