…Oh Yeah…

I posted earlier about how my performance at John Tanner #2 netted me a chance to race at sprint nats next year. Well…people have been talking to me about it, and I’ve been re-running the race through me head. And in doing so, I remembered that the kid who placed 3rd OA, was in fact in my AG. He’s 22, and I remembered because pre-race, I picked him out as my competition in my AG. For good reason obviously. So disregard that part of my last post, but I did win my AG in the series, and I still have 3 races this season, including my A+ race. So now I’m just pissed enough go kick ass on those 3, all Olympic distance, and qualify for AG Nats. That may be the best motivation I’ve had all year.

Penny for your thoughts...

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