A New Series…or Train of Thought At Least

My coach Tony Hammett has turned me onto a couple of websites/blogs that I’ve found really really cool. Now keep in mind that I may find them entertaining because I’m an Kinesiology major, and after it’ll be psychology of a certain sort, so you may just read these as dry and boring. I’ve sent Tony back more than one email in response that could have been a dissertation based solely on length, but that just proves how much fun I find this stuff! One website is SweatScience.com.

This first post from SS discusses stretching, and can be found here. It’s about the benefits, or lack there of, of stretching pre- and post- exercise/training. I have my own thoughts as a coach and athlete, but I’m going to keep them to myself as to not sway your thoughts towards my own. If you’d be so kind as to glance over the post (maybe 300 words), and post your thoughts on the subject on your own personal results, I’d really appreciate it.

I’ll be posting my  thoughts after I get a few comments, and then in a week or so, I’ll blog another post to see how individual these sort of topics are.

One thought on “A New Series…or Train of Thought At Least

  1. Hmmm not really shocking per say. I never used it as a tool to reduce DOMS and I never stretch out pre-workout. I’ll stretch out post workout so I don’t get overly tight, so basically point 1 on their scale. More so of an overall “keeping things balanced” view so some muscles don’t become overstretched while others tighten up (like how I hunch over my computer because my traps are over stretched while my pecs are tight). So stretching post workouts to counter-balance that.

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