Step One Complete, Two or Three To Go

I told you in my last post that I needed to write about something non-sport related, so here’s me keeping my word. I feel like people see me, and read my blog, and think, “He doesn’t do anything that’s not centered in sport, be it coaching, training, or racing.” That’s kinda true… I love my sport, but I do have quite a few things going on outside of it. So here’s just one example of me when I’m not in any lycra.

I finished my semester of classes this past Tuesday. I started out taking four classes (A&P 1, A&P Lab, American History, and Precalc), and ended with three. I dropped precalc because it was NOT at all what I was expecting. The description of the class reads that it’s very much like geometry, and that there’s a lot of cross-over. Cool! I despise math with lots of letters; math and language are separate classes for a reason and should stay that way. But I did take geometry in high school, and it wash’t too terrible, so I was confident when I chose to talk this course online. NOOOOO… We were told we had a week to finish the homework and take the test, and you’re probably thinking the same thing I was. “It’s online at your my leisure. I’ll be able to use notes and past assignments for the test; I’ll cruise through this!” Normal logic, and it would have worked if I had been able to get past the third assignment (you must complete all of the previous assignments with an 80% or higher to move to the next). After spending two days on that one section, and having my big fancy calculator all sorts of messed up (true story: -1+1=-3…yeah; I don’t think so), I decided to drop the class. Image

With that gone, I could focus on A&P; a class I had taken before and had to drop because of the professor. I’m not one to blame other people for something I can’t do on my own, I’m too damn stubborn for that, but this was actually her fault. If you’re going to teach a 3 hour class, and all you do is hand your students a schedule of test dates, tell them to read the chapter and answer the questions…and that’s all you do to teach them, don’t be surprised when we all drop you. So I was really excited when my two professors, with like 14 degrees between them, actually taught AND offered one-on-one attention. I’ve always really liked science, and it was easy to see that my profs were excited about the information they were conveying to us. It seemed like a good semester. I’m going to skip ahead a little so I can tell you the really awesome things I found out this semester, then jump to the end.

Half way through the semester, KSU (Kennesaw State) had its’ deadline for transfers. I’d applied last semester, but because of my grades, or lack of them, right after my wreck I was denied. So this time I met with my advisor before I sent the transcript. I told her my story, and how after the initial year post-wreck, I finally figured out how to sit still and retain knowledge again. Because of that, I’ve had a 3.5 or higher the past year and a half in school. She told me to talk to the dean to get my failing grades after my wreck dropped. ?!?!WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME I COULD DO THAT?!?! She also told me that I was on track for a few different associate degrees in healthcare. With that knowledge, I emailed the dean, and had a 3-page letter emailed to KSU admissions along with my transcript. They didn’t care, so there’s a good chance I’ll transfer to GSU (Georgia State) in about a year. But why would I wait a year?

Of the degrees I was told I’m close to, and actually want, Practical Nursing and Healthcare Sciences are why I’m waiting on transferring anywhere. I have about a year left, in each, to add some more letters after my name. These are also degrees that I can pull on when I transfer to wherever to get my B.S. in Kinesiology. I believe all of those will also make me a better athlete and coach (I tried to hold back! I really did!!). These, along with something else I want a degree in, give me a career along with coaching after my racing days are over. I still fully believe I can race professionally, and make money at it, but 20+ years from now is a little foggy as to if I’ll still be able to pull that off(that’s not what I believe, but it’s what you all are thinking). 

That’s one of the things I’ve been doing the past 12 weeks while not racing and training and coaching. There’s others, but I’m not going to share them yet. Maybe I’ll expand in my next post, but you’ll have to check back to find out!

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