First Semester 2012


If only it was this easy

I’ve just finished registering for my classes I’ll be taking in the spring this next year. Classes start 1-8, and with my coarse load, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the break. I put the picture above in because I’m going to need something like that to keep my GPA where it is with this next semester. I have Anatomy & Physiology II lecture and lab Monday and Wednesday morning and early afternoon.  I took A&P I last semester, and did really well, but this next half of the class will cover the cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic, and other systems we didn’t have time to cover this past semester. Once I’ve finished those, I have a longer break before I head back to take Microbiology lecture and lab those evenings. I’ve never taken a night class before, so this should be interesting, but I am taking all my biology classes with the proffs I had last semester, so I think I’m safe.

On a non-biology front, I’m taking human development Tuesdays around lunch. This is a psychology class, so I’m really really excited about this one. I’m also taking, now brace yourself for this, an intro to computers class Fridays…Seriously?! It’ll be 2012, and we’re still taking intro to computer classes? Yeah; this class is literally, ‘Here is the power button’, ‘This is a mouse’… And it’s on a PC, which I haven’t used in at least 10 years because I have a Mac because they’re AWESOME!! But anyway, yeah…that’s what I’m doing next semester, while still coaching, training, and racing focusing on making it to Worlds. And I’m strangely excited to have such a full plate. Gotta grab the bull by the horns.

3 thoughts on “First Semester 2012

  1. I took a 5-hour Anatomy & Physiology class when I was in college. It was one of my most favorite classes ever. The lab was insane – there was talk initially that we’d get to study cadavers, but alas, only monkeys. Still it was very cool.

    And for background knowledge, the power button is that thing with the circle and vertical line in it. 🙂

  2. You will appreciate the A&P class. I didn’t have the opportunity in college to take human A or Human P but did animal A & P. Sadly didn’t help a bit to know how many heart chambers a frog has or a bird. Lymphatic system will be tough but the hardest I remember was the endocrine and renal system. Well I take that back the cardiovascular can be complex but do-able. Those will be the most beneficial classes I promise. Besides a basic micro/histology class perhaps. #classesiwishitookincollege

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