Rev3 to Run Across America!!

Revolution 3 Triathlon has a pretty legit reputation as a race series. With their athlete focused approach to races, and choosing courses that challenge, they’ve become an impressive race brand. They’ve built their name and reputation, and in try Rev3 fashion, they’ve just announced a new event that one-ups themselves. But this event is not another triathlon, it’s a run across the US!

‘Crazy’ you say? Maybe a little, but they’re doing it in partnership with sponsor the Ulman Cancer Fund to raise money. A team of Rev3 staff and runners who have been affected by cancer will make the 3121 mile trek in 21 days from Oceanside California on March 26th, and end in the Georgetown Hospital in Washington DC April 16th (link here). You can join or cheer the runners along the race, or even donate if you can’t run but still want to help. Rev3 and UCF are going to raise 100,000$ to continue research into cancer and comprehensive health services for cancer’s victims. Most of us aren’t more than a couple degrees of separation at most from someone who’s been affected by the disease, so head on over to the Rev3 site here to check out full details.

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