2012’s Final Schedule: Path to Team USA

That headline should have gotten your attention. I put it there more as motivation for myself than to really tell anyone. If I can make that claim promise right now, and post it to circulate all over the interweb, then I’m sure as hell going to work myself to the bone to make it happen. Well as much as my coach allows anyway.

Here’s the schedule:

Jan 1 – Resolution Run 10k (PR)

Jan 28- Polar Bear Run 5k

Feb 5- Red Top Rumble

Feb 18- Tundra Time Trial

March 3- CRR 10k

March 18- Publix 13.1

March 24- Powerman/Double Oaks Du

April 28- JT #1

May 6- Rev3 Knoxville (Volunteer)

May 12- SD ITU

May 19- PIT

June 2- Rev3 Quassy

June 23- Indian Springs

July 8- Rev3 Portland

July 21- Mistletoe

Aug  19- NATS 

Aug 26- Rev3 Maine

Sept 8- Tugaloo

Oct 14 – Rev 3 Anderson

Nov 11 – MiamiMan

Here’s how I plan on making the cut; Sprint Nationals on August 19th. I qualified for Nats (seriously this time!) back in November when I finished 3rd OA at Club Med. I had no idea, until I logged onto my USAT profile and had a banner telling me I’d met the qualifications. I registered for Sprint Nats the day they opened, and this year, that’s my only A race. Which means one thing…IMMA TEAR THE FREAKIN HINGES OFF!! I’ll continue to build throughout the year at each race, but my motivation will be this, “How much deeper can dig for Nats…”

I’m sure most of you have heard the quote ‘You have to win the workout to win the race’, or something like that, but basically it means you have to execute every session with your all. That’s my plan every time I slip into my shoes, hop on my saddle, and dive into the water. I’m hungry, and I want this. I want this more than I’ve wanted anything I can remember. This speech, thanks to my secret weapon and teammate Laura Mount, pretty much sums up how I feel. Even sitting here typing this I’ve grown a ear to ear grin and I can feel the crazy spark I have flashing in my eyes. Watch this and you’ll understand…and get goosebumps. I’ll see you on the course…

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