You Can’t Be Serious…

You hear people complaining about our education system, but it’s usually about our public schools. I agree a lot of time, but what you don’t hear about is issues with higher learning that occur after graduating high school. Well as a college student, I have a complaint.

I’ve written before that right now I’m going after my RN degree at Chattahoochee Tech. Chatt Tech is known for this education path; Emory sends its kids over there when they’re having issues in their studies and need a refresher. Like every degree, there’s a certain path a student must walk down that includes specific classes. I’m sure every degree has its classes most students would agree that they’ll never recall information from in their chosen profession. Well I’m taking one now, and not so much that I’ll never use the information, but it’s a waste of time. I’ll use the information in this class every day…just like I have been using that info every day since 3rd grade.

The class I’m complaining about is COMP 1000. It’s an introduction to computers class. Before you go check your calendars, I promise you that it is in fact 2012. If you’re a functioning member of society, you have a pretty solid grasp on how to use a computer. If you can’t use one, and I’m not talking about complicated functions like writing code or even burning a disc, but if you can’t use a computer to search the internet or create a Word doc, then I don’t know how you’ve gotten this far. Granted maybe you’re from another country or socioeconomic situation where computers aren’t readily available, so you really don’t know how to use it. Most of us know how to delete a file though, and how use Google. For whatever reason, COMP 1000 is a required course for any degree in healthcare. I don’t know why; we’ll all have to learn the specific system of our field once we find a job. The way data is input at my local doc-in-the-box isn’t the same as the ENT I’ve visited in the past for a deviated septum. But alas…I’m still ‘learning’ how to drag and drop.

The ‘drag and drop’ example I used above is a legit chapter in my book; I kid you not. Along with ‘save as’, ‘internet searches’, and ‘sending an email’ just to name a few of the ridiculous things I have to actually prove I know how to do. On the topic of ridiculousness, this class is ONLINE! Yeah…Intro to Computers COMPLETELY ONLINE. Let that irony sink in. The fact that I even registered for the class (an online process) should get me an automatic A in the class. Instead; I have to waste a 3hour spot in my school schedule taking a class whose entire course work I could finish in one sitting of half that time. Did I mention you also have to buy a book and access code for around 150$ for this class? Do you know what I could do with 150$?! I’m not going to tell you what I’d do with it, but think about that.

Here’s my suggestion, and I’m going to mention it to the school (not the instructor because she’s already not a fan of me and we’ve only talked through email. Don’t get mad at me because I know more about the every day operations of a computer, and that I pointed out four things that were incorrect on your syllabus, on top of…you get the point). How about an exam to test your working knowledge of computers? Just a list of things we need to prove we can do, and then we don’t have to waste our time on the course. ‘Send an email; search for Chatt Tech using Google; create and save a Word doc; ….’ That would prove we know how to use a computer, and save the school and students time and money. But no…instead I have to watch the dust collect on this 150$ book that explains what the recycle bin is for… Oh yeah; did I mention I have a Mac, and therefore all of these actions is even easier for me?! There’s better uses of my time out there.

Penny for your thoughts...

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