I’m an Ingredient in Chicken Soup

“I wonder if my books are here…WHOOOO!!!” That’s what I said to myself last night as I was walking from my car to my apartment after dinner with Josh (no; I’m not talking in the 3rd person. He’s a friend from high school). This wasn’t the first time I’d uttered those phrases either. I had a story published back when I was in 2002, while in 7th grade, too, so I remembered the waiting. Well finally after months of waiting for the book to be published, my 10 copies arrived. But I’m jumping ahead, so let me back up a little bit.

Most of you who know me, or follow me, or have heard of me at all really, know my story. This one here; the one where I should have died (for at least the 3rd time; that’s another story). Well back in…let’s say mid-2011, my mother sent me a link to Simon & Schuster’s webpage because they were asking for stories about tough times for teens for their next volume of Chicken Soup for the Soul. My story fit that mold pretty well, but I was a little hesitant to send them my story. It felt a lot like the first time I got up in front of some 500+ students to share my story. I prayed about it, and really felt that this could be huge for my story. The whole reason I share it at schools, YDCs, sport events, ect is so I can show how awesome God is. So I sent in my story. I had a response in less than 18hours that my story would be in the book. No filler between myself and the editor, just straight up ‘We want your story in our book. Sign this stating it’s a true story. Write a short bio’. As cool as that was, it meant I had a lot of time to wait while they collected the rest of the stories for the anthology.

The end of December I received an email saying that the book would hit shelves in early February, and that I would receive my 10 copies a couple of weeks before. They came last night, and already today I’ve gotten emails from other authors featured in the book thanking me for sharing my story. It’s that reason, that my story touches other’s lives and shines some light to others, that I will forever say that the 7 day span I spent in the hospital post-wreck is most important chunk of time in my life.

The book, which can be found here for now, hits store February 7th. If you want a copy (I’ll even sign it :p I remember sitting at at table doing that for HOURS back in ’02) before it hits shelves next month, let me know. I’ll ship a copy out as soon as you ask. Well within 24 hours anyway. Share the story, send people my way, kids, teens, anyone, it’s what I’m still here for.

3 thoughts on “I’m an Ingredient in Chicken Soup

  1. Can’t believe I missed this one! That is so cool! I’m going to get a copy for my (gasp!) soon to be teenage daughter to read!!!

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