Is That Banjo Music?! Red Top Rumble 11.5 Mile Trail Race

What?! Me on trails?! For this event; yeah. And let me say there were no banjos around. In fact, the most rural thing I heard all day was, “(while panting)…too much whiskey last night…”, which was AWESOME! I’ve been that guy before, and it’s always fun. Well it’s fun after anyway. This race was fun the whole time, so here’s the highlights.

1-I didn’t fall. I’m pretty agile from playing running back (not dancing), but because my form for downhill running greatly resembles Wacky Wally 

, and the ground was covered in wet leaves from the night before, I almost expected to fall at least once.

2-I saw 3 people fall. I slowed to make sure they got up and continued to run, so I don’t feel terrible for yelling “MAN DOWN!!”. It’s a reflex…my friends and I were really mean to each other in high school.

3-It rained the night before…I only got to stomp through one puddle. I fully expected to finish with a nice coat of mud, and I was a little upset I didn’t.

4-I found knickers to wear. Judge all you want, but my prime movers of my upper leg don’t fire in anything below 65*, so they were perfect. Also, knickers is just a fun word to say… Go on; I’ll wait.

5-I didn’t race this. I just ran, with a smile on my face, until the last 2 miles. I did pretty well, 39th in almost entirely zone3, and that just makes me really excited to toe the line and push the pace in a few weeks for the CCR 10k.

6-I got a pretty decent race pic for once…but I also got a really bad one. Hell; I’ll take one good one with all the terrible pictures I’ve been snapped in during events.

...apparently I ran through a worm-hole and aged 45 years...














7-This was the last time I’ll be on trails for a LONG time. Give me car horns and exhaust, asphalt and girls yelling out their windows. I like the city; don’t let the fact that I say “y’all” and a little twang fool you.

Fun times. Strong showing by TeamEC, including Coach Tat taking 8th OA female. If you live in Georgia and run, you need to do this race at least once. GUTS always put on great events, so kudos to them for yesterday. As for me…I have class in a couple hours, and I have a lab report to write…whee…

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