So Many Forks…

I laugh a little at that title since the title of this blog is ‘There Is No Spoon…’, but this post has nothing to do with dining utensils. This post is about my (current) academic path. I know I want to do something in healthcare that will mesh well with sport. Well that’s A LOT of things. I’ve spent the last two weeks doing some research, and here’s what I’ve figured out…

  • I’m getting my Kinesiology (sports science) degree, but that’s a broad field with a lot I can do. I’m also getting a Psychology degree, at some point in the future.
  • Yea; I am a year from a RN degree. I found that out when I spoke to my advisor last semester. Cool; finally a degree, but there’s a lot of things in that career that don’t mesh well with me. One major one being failure. I see a patient dying as a failure, even if it’s a terminal, non-curable disease like cancer (speaking of…GO DONATE!!)I don’t do failure well, and it’s bound to happen on this path, and there won’t be a damn thing I can do about it. Not to mention really the only reason I was doing it was because I’s close to getting it.
  •  A few weeks back, my chiropractor/physical therapist doc asked me what I was going to do with my Kinesiology degree…I was speechless. Not a common thing for me. I had never thought about it. It’s always been about getting that embossed piece of paper. He made a comment, and I’ll paraphrase an edit language, but basically he told me, “…get a chiropractic/PT degree and come work for them.” Oh…yeah. I mean I didn’t open a book in A&P I, and muscles, bones, and connective tissue just clicked, so I finished with an 87. I’ve glanced at the cardiovascular system and respiratory (in A&PII) and it kinda clicked too. I watch people walk or swim or run and even if it’s the likes of Goucher or Rinny, the first thing I notice isn’t ‘Wow…I’m just going to follow them for the view to pace myself.’ It’s always, “Look at that form. X, Y, and Z are perfect but Q could use some tweaking.That’s usually a biomechanical issue, something that strengthening X or lengthening Y would help. Or maybe there’s an old injury and so they have elaborate compensation patterns…” See what I mean? That’s how my brain works, so why not go the PT route?
  • With the PT route, I work with injured athletes a lot. Injured athletes is usually a synonym for ‘angry/depressed athletes’. So I see things going like this…I help heal the physical injury, and the off-kilter mental state caused by the injury. That’s kinda perfect.
  • Nurses/EMTs don’t really have ‘hours’ per say. Especially not ones they can control. I’m great at pulling all nighters to finish something, but I make sure I finish EVERYTHING I needed to do. If I’m stuck on shift, and I can’t do X, that’s going to freak me out. I’ll admit it; I’m a little controlling… And how am I supposed to go pro in the next 3-5 years if I’m missing sessions the way that the nurses and EMTs I spoke to would if they were triathletes?
  • More importantly, I used my family and people I’ve allowed close to me as a sounding board for all these ideas. And I was patient in thinking about it.
  • And MOST importantly, I’ve prayed about it. There was no big, clear, booming voice, I know sometimes I wish there were, but there was a whisper and a feeling pushing me the direction I’m supposed to go.

So with all that, I’m going after the PT route. I’m not sure what that means exactly yet, I’m waiting for a response from my advisor, but I do know that means no more Microbiology. It’s a fun course, but it’s a lot of things that I can’t seem to make stick in my brain mainly because I know I’ll NEVER use the info. It also means I’ll be taking Conceptual Physics and Medical Terminology in the summer. I think that’s pretty cool since I can see myself now thinking, “at a rolling resistance at x and wind resistance, divided by y watts, I can hit up to…’ or something like that as I fly down the hills again at Rev3 Quassy. Here’s a video of that I pulled from Rev3 Teammate Jamie Bull

Well maybe not that in depth because I’d prefer not to lose focus and become a human lawn dart by hitting a curb, but you see what I mean.

One thought on “So Many Forks…

  1. Good post. I can honestly say that I had similar conversations with myself – what to do after I got a degree. To make it more fun, when I was in school I was interested in both sports medicine & communications media (fancy way of saying TV/radio). I took A&P (a 5 hour class) and Intro to TV – the theory being whichever I got a better grade in would be my major. Ended up getting A’s in both. What did I do? Literally flipped a coin. Landed on Broadcast Media. So I got a degree in how to be on the radio and tv….and now I work for a bank. Lots of good that did for me. Moral of the story – go with your GUT. In this case, PT sounds like it’s what is driving you, hence a GREAT decision!

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