And I Thought I Had It Figured Out

This whole gluten intolerance thing is a pain. It’s more annoying than anything else, granted it had my bouncing around hospital ER’s last year one weekend, but I’m relatively sure it won’t kill me. What it will do is ruin my day every so often.

I thought I had it all figured out, then Saturday I woke up in pain. Nothing terrible, but like I had done a lot of very vert specific exercises for my external abdominal obliques, or my inguinal ligament. Either way, there were (and still are) about half-dollar sized spots the seems like they had been on the receiving end of a bare knuckle boxing match. This is a known feeling, caused because it’s how I felt let year for a couple weeks after the ER visits. What happens is…how to put this…your insides get inflamed and because they don’t have nerve endings that transmit pain, you only know they’re inflamed and swollen because they bruise the abdominal muscle wall. Anyway; I didn’t know why I felt that way. Nothing in my diet changed, so I thought maybe it was just the increase in calories trying to battle the fatigue of this past week’s training. Add a grumpy tummy to that pain, and I knew Saturday’s run could be interesting.

3×25 in zone3 plus a warm up and cool down as a prediction to my 13.1 time in a couple weeks. Yeah..that’s what I did Saturday, only difference was it was really 3×3.5mile loops from my apartment, around my block, and back. That made the time a little short, but it was better than curling up into the fetal position clutching my guts all morning. I kept wondering what I did to screw up my GI tract, and couldn’t figure it out. Well until today…

Today was a long ass day. Mountain Madness half iron preview ride (including the 6 mile climb I whined tweeted about earlier), and after the ride and T-run, I NEEDED ME SOME FOODS!! So I hit Publix by my apartment, and headed straight to the sushi cooler. I caught a glimpse of ‘…contains wheat, fish…’ on the label while choosing my roll, and thought, “Huh… I wonder where the wheat it?” Turns out that imitation crab that’s a filler in most of the rolls (I know, but it’s Publix…oh how I miss the WF by my parents’) is wheat in it. My guess is it’s the ‘glue’ that holds the cod together. Yeah…in my sushi, just supposed to be fish and rice and some seaweed…but no! Wheat has to come crash the party and ruin everything!! But at least I figured out what caused my issues, and now I can restart my count of ‘Days without GI Problems’. 1…

One thought on “And I Thought I Had It Figured Out

  1. Those devils stick wheat and dairy where they don’t belong. Lots of meds have dairy. I found out the hard way.

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