CRR 10k and Publix Half RR

I haven’t written race reports for all my races this season because, well, the ones I didn’t post about were in the transition season. They were more benchmarks than anything else, and I’ve been kinda (completely) up to my neck with life. So here’s a quick RR for both…

Downhill Finish for the CRR 10k

The Chattahoochee Road Runners 10k was the first weekend in March. It just happened to fall the last week a major run build, so I knew I was going in fatigued. Even without a taper, I knew I’d throw down a solid time. As long as I could pace myself. Like most newer endurance athletes, I’ve shown a trend of going out too fast, blowing up, then by the time I’ve recovered it’s too late to pull a decent finishing time down. Well this time I was determined to pace right, and I had a little help. I lined up behind the first row, and while the people I got boxed in behind faded a couple miles in, their pace to start left me with room to build. And build I did. I clipped off each kilometer at 4minutes per give or take a couple seconds. I was on track to break 40 knowing I could really push the last 3k, but my body had different plans. You know that feeling when you over rev an engine and the gears won’t quite shift? That’s what my body did at the 8th kilometer. I ran that one in 4:23, and that led to a 40:12 10k. 2nd place AG, 25 OA, and a PR by 3+ minutes, but shy of breaking 40. I’m pretty excited to see what I run when I’m not going in tired.

Now for the Publix half marathon… I haven’t raced an open 13.1 in almost a year and a half, so this was going to be pretty eye opening, and another test of my pacing. After a taper week, sorta, I lined up at 0650 in the front start corral. I embraced being with the fast kids, knowing that I’ve put in the work to be up there, so I was all smiles waiting for the gun to go off. I had taken a Power Gel before my 20minute warm up, but not at the start. That’s important since I was chasing a sub 90minute finish on a hilly course. At mile 3, I sensed I need some calories, and realized it had been about an hour since I took any in. Then I realized I only had 2 gels… And it hit me. I was already drawing on my glycogen stores. I took one gel just past the 3 mile marker, then gel two around mile 7.5. I entered the hurt locker at mile 8, and I knew I’d need one around 10, to finish the last 5k of the race as an open 5k, so I took in some ‘on-course’ product. Bad move. I may as well have swallowed a brick. I came down the last mile at 7+ pace, not ideal at all, and feeling like hell. I finished in 1:32:20, and was surprised I didn’t end up in the med tent.

After talking to some friends and athletes (including one who told me I looked terrible), and 30 after sitting with my hands cradling my head, I headed home. I spent the next 3 hours in a boiling water bath or bundled up shivering and clutching my abdomen with skin ghost white pale. Dehydration is fun…and with the temp lately already being like early summer, I honestly wasn’t exactly prepared. But naps are magical, so now I’m up and writing this! I’m not happy with my results, especially because it was a face/palm moment when I realized it was my own nutrition screw up that made me miss -:90, but I’m ok with them. Setting a PR again (last 3 races)  felt good. We live and learn…and from now on pack extra product!!

Mile hurts so good!

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