Two is Always Better than One: \Double Oaks Du

This is a little late (what’s up with the fact that I’ve been a week behind on RRs latterly?!), but this is a quick RR of 2012’s first multisport race. And a nice little trip down memory lane.

In 2011, I decided to start off my season with the Powerman Duathlon in Pelham Alabama. The race consisted of 10k-60k-10k sections, and that course is no joke. That was the first race I ever DNF-ed at, thanks to wet roads and crashing down the first hill a mile out of transition. Well i revisited Pelham a week ago, and got a little pay back. 

I didn’t race the 10-60-10 event, but the short course (like I should be doing), 5-20-2.5 Double Oaks Duathlon. And with an all new course!! Sort of…The run was new, and it now included some single track. Solid 19:55 5k, because I promised my coach I wouldn’t go out too hard, and a quick flying mount down the course, which wasn’t great as it was the second I’d done in about 3 months, to where I crashed some 360 days before. The bike was the same, and true to form, I almost wrecked flying down the hill again a year later. There may have been a 4-letter word describing how much I hated this hill as I flew down it, and jumped up to the bull horns making my rims scream. That outburst got me a couple scowls from the volunteers, but it was an accident I swear! One climb, just after the turn around, and at that point I’m in 3rd. I keep pushing the pace, knowing I only have a 2.5k run after, and hop off my bike. Yeah…I haven’t done a full speed flying mount is a while, and I was coming in too fast, so when I slammed on my brakes, I pulled a stoppy that caused my shoe to fly back off my bike. I ran back, bike slung over my shoulder, and grabbed it. I kept my comments in my head this time, but trust me…I came up with some PRETTY interesting names for my shoe at that point. I watched the kid who came in :02 before me take off on the second run as I finally entered T2 carrying my bike. I threw everything down, grabbed my hat, and took off. This run was half the first, and backwards, meaning it was uphill in the single track. Because my legs weren’t already shot… Decent 10:xx second split, passing the kid who ran off before I did in T2, and finishing at 6:12 pace. 3rd place over all! Or maybe 4th? Whatever; I’m ok with my performance.

ImageTurns out with the wave start I was 6th OA, 1st AG. All powered by my new favorite product, Vanilla PowerGel. One at the line to start, and one at the bike turn around. I put on my SWIFTWICK socks, made it over to the awards…saw that I missed 5th by :03 (#%!$^#($^ shoe…), and ran an easy 45 minutes to flush the legs and call the many people on my cheering squad to tell them my results.

I spent the next few hours cheering for my athlete Rick who was racing the long course, which is no joke. That one hill on his 3 lap bike, and the fact that the weather just recently has held its heat, made for a hard day all around. Rick finished well, and told us a lot about where he is getting ready for the Mountain Madness 70.3 in a month. We both learned a lot in our races, and it’s these early season events that keep us fresh and make us sharp for the actual season. 



Between my SWIFTWICK socks before and after, and PowerBar’s products during, I was back to training the next day with almost no fatigue. That’s good, seeing as this race was 7 days after the Publix Atlanta 13.1, and the week before my first ‘Elite Draft Legal Colligate Triathlon’…But that last one is still a little sore in my head, so I’ll publish that RR in a few days. 

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