Quantity and Quality

There’s been a few changes to my race schedule for 2012. I haven’t dropped any races, but I keep adding them. The wonders of being in you early 20’s; right? That and the fact that I heal/recover quickly. But my personal physiology aside, here are the races I’ve added:

-Colligate Club Team Elite Draft Legal Race at Lake Lure North Carolina

-Colligate Nationals

Those two additions make this season’s triathlon race total at 15. TRIATHLON, not total races. The total number of races is 19…I think. Both those number could change so don’t think this is chiseled into stone.

The event in Lake Lure was a few weeks ago, and I still have that RR to post, but know now it was…umm…an experience? “Two men enter; One man leaves…” pretty much sums up the race, except it was about 24 start, 6 finish. Still, Welcome to Thunderdome!! 

Colligate Nationals is this Saturday, 4-21, in Tuscaloosa AL. I’m racing the open division, as well as coaching the Georgia Tech tri team. Not going to lie; I’m pretty excited for Saturday; for the race, the atmosphere, and there’s been talks of a lot of fun post race. Then Sunday my grandfather turns 80, which is freakin’ nuts! So this weekend is full of excitement. 

That’s what’s going on right now. Just wanted to post a quick ‘By the way…’ post since I’ll be going pretty quiet as race day comes near. And speaking of quantity and quality, the Rev3 team finished their run ACROSS THE FREAKIN’ COUNTRY yesterday as to raise funds for the Ulman cancer fund. Even though they’ve finished, you can still donate, so head over and throw a couple dollars their way if you haven’t already. 

Ok; off to masters now… Do they make ‘Shut Up Shoulders!’ shirt?

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